• December 17, 2015
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AWPL will not participate in this pre-election show.

Lithuanian Parliament adopted a resolution “regarding schools of national minorities in Lithuania”.

Deputies from AWPL (Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania) fraction did not participate in the vote on the resolution. Members of Parliament of Electoral Campaign are of the opinion that the matter of the resolution is a pre-election show, a preview of the electoral campaign before next year’s Lithuanian Parliamentary Election.

Rita Tamašunienė, the governor of AWPL fraction in Parliament, during her speech at the plenary meeting explained why MPs of AWPL did not support the document. The actions of its main initiator – Gintaras Steponavičius, former Minister of Science and Higher Education, she described as ’cynic and two-faced’

”The one who has gained the title of a destroyer of minorities’ schools and the system of high schools, in the face of upcoming election is using the situation to become a ’great school defender’ – said the MP.

Rita Tamašunienė reminded that being a Minister, G. Steponavičius has initiated destructive changes and forced schools of national minorities to fight for survival. She emphasized that during the period of G. Steponavičius leading the department of science and education, the funding of schools has been reduced, what affected the schools of national minorities the most.

The leader of AWPL fraction highlighted that as a result of actions of the former leading team, including G. Steponavičius, then a Minister of Science and Higher Education, changed the procedure of transformation and accreditation of schools, what led to closing down more than one school in the country. The leader reminded the politicians’ steps that worsened the situation of education, which peaked at the devastating amendment to the Law on Education in 2011.

”Mayor of Vilnius – the Liberal party colleague – is closing down the schools of national minorities, even the ones that meet the requirements necessary to obtain accreditation” – Cynicism of the document’s authors has been emphasized by the Member of Parliament. She mentions schools like: Sz. Kowarski High School, Wł. Syrokomla High School, Joachim Lelewel High School, ’Centro’ Lew Karsawin High School and Aleksander Pushkin High School. She called for politicians to support these schools with their aspiration to becoming Gymnasiums. After all these institutions have the time until 2017.

The MP pointed out that similar moves, turn the attention away from the real issues in education. The creation of the document involves, among others, a statement from Gediminas Grina. ”I wonder, what list we will find his name on during the next election” – AWPL leader asked rhetorically.

”Circus is not the most popular type of activity, even among students. The kind of situation ’beats himself and shouts’, and you are surprised at lack of audience” – MP did not hide the irony.

”Our fraction will not participate in this pre-election show” – announced R. Tamašunienė

26 MPs were in favor of the resolution, 9 abstained from voting. Lithuanian Parliament has 141 members.

Translated by Karolina Jarmużewska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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