• October 28, 2015
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Prize for maintaining cultural heritage for Zdzisław Palewicz

During gala honoring the best local self-governments of Lithuania, which took place on 23rd October in the Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre „Litexpo”, mayor of the Šalčininkai region, Zdzisław Palewicz was honored with an appreciation letter „For long-standing and continuous efforts for maintaining important for Lithuanian cultural and historical heritage”.

In view of duties and thus absence on the ceremony, the prize was collected by the vicemayor of the Šalčininkai region, Andrzej Andruszkiewicz from the Minister Of Culture, Šarūnas Birutis.

When giving the diploma the Minister of Culture, Šarūnas Birutis, highlighted the commitment and effort of the vicemayor, Zdzisław Palewicz, put in maintaining cultural objects important for future generations. Those buildings are located on the territory of the local self-government. Especially palaces in Jašiūnai, Šalčininkai, Vilkiškės and Paulavos Republic are of high importance for the regional culture.

„Activity for the sake of maintaining historical heritage has always been a priority of my work and life. There is no future without the past – those are not only effusive words, but a fact verified by history. It is important for young people to know where they come from, it is important that our region looks presentable, that people who live here feel comfortable and that they feel proud of their hometown. To make that happen, we should keep our cultural heritage unchanged. I am glad I was awarded with a prize that motivates me to further activity. I also hope that co-operation between the Ministry of Culture and the local self-government will be as effective and constructive in the future as it is now”, commented vicemayor Zdzisław Palewicz.

Source: salcininkai.lt

Translated by Klaudia Chmura within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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