• August 19, 2015
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Renovated schools in the Vilnius area await pupils

Till the pupils and teachers enjoy summer, there are renovations being made in more than ten schools and kindergartens in the Vilnius area. Every school is preparing, with its own possibilities, to the new school year, keeping in mind the aim to create the best conditions for learning to children. Some of schools has been renovated, general overhauls has been carried out in other schools, in the next – cosmetic changes has been made.

 There are 5 middle schools in the Vilnius area which shoul welcome the new school year renovated: the middle school of Juliusz Słowacki in Bezdany, the middle school in Rukojniki, Mickuny, Awiżeny and Pogiry.

 The insulation of the roof, the walls and the floor of the 1st level has been done for the whole summer in the middle school of Juliusz Słowacki in Bezdany together with the doors change. In the school, the calefactory system was replaced. The total value of this project – about 320 thousand euro. The contractor promises that all the work will have been finished before 1st September. Till the end of September, new boilers for biofuel will have been installed.

 The changes before the beginning of the new school year are being made also in the middle school in Rukojniki. In the framework of restoration, the insulation of walls and the replacement of the roof is forecasted. The change of the calefactory system is also planned as well as building the water supply installation together with the ventilation system. There will be the floor changed in the gym. The value of this project – about 520 thousand euro. About 50% of all the work has been done so far. The end of works is scheduled for the end of October.

 The renovation works are being made also in the middle school in Mickuny. The boiler room in the school has been changed, the whole work will cost about 300 thousand euro. Work are to be finalised in October. Collaterally, the project of the middle school in Mickuny restoration is carried on: the walls has been insulated, the roof has been replaced, the doors as well as the windows in the basement also are renewed. Works are to be ended by November. Their value is estimated at 230 thousand euro.

 The indoor rooms in the middle school in Awiżewnie are renovated this year. The Ministry of Education and Science has committed 580 thousand euro for the renovation works. The final of this project is planned for December.

 Restoration took place also in the canteen of the middle school in Pogiry. Total amount of money spent on this place estimates at 145 thousand euro.

 The pupils and teachers of primary schools in Szumsk, Kiwiszki, Mościszki and the high school in Ciechanowiszki as well as the high school of Saint Kazimierz in Miedniki are promised to be surprised.

 The pupils of the primary school in Szumsk will start the new school year in the new surrounding – there has been the floor changed, the roof, the boiler room was renovated, the water supply installation has been introduced as well as the new ventilation system. The value of the project – about 290 thousand euro. The work is to be finishes before September

 In the primary school in Kiwiszki, the roof is to be changed even this year together with the heating, the walls are to be insulated as well as floors on the first level and electric cables too. Moreover, the school is to be provided with the new water supply installation and the new boiling room. Total value of the works estimates at about 430 thousand euro. Currently, one-third of the planned work has been done.

 In the primary school in Mościszki, the renovation, with the value of 380 thousand euro, is carried on. There are the walls and basements being insulated, the roof is being changed, the heating and the floor in the gym too. The contractor obliged to end the project in October.

 In the high school in Ciechanowiszki and the high school of Saint Kazimierz in Miedniki, there has been the boiling rooms renovated. 200 thousand euro has been committed for the restoration of the boiling room in the high school of Saint Kazimierz in Miedniki, whereas the installation of the boiling room and the new heating in the high school in Ciechanowiszki will cost 145 thousand euro. Works in both schools are to end in autumn.

 There are the walls to be insulated and both doors and the roof renovated in the kindergarten in Wieluciny till October. 50 thousand euro has been allocated for these works. Kindergartens in Kowalczuki and Niemieże will install thermal nodes this year and in the kindergarten in Anowile there is the boiling room to be renovated, for which 40 thousand euro has been given.

 The school year is in sight, therefore, the schools are getting ready for greeting the pupils and welcoming the new school year in the renovated rooms.

Translated by Paulina Lipińska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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