Public transport in Vilnius


Public transport in Vilnius

In the opinion of residents, public transport in Vilnius is neither expensive nor complicated. Unfortunately, the system is sometimes hard to grasp. For all those who plan to visit Vilnius and are going to use bus or trolley here is the Wilnoteka guide to the secrets of Vilnius public transport.

  1. Timetables

Understanding a timetable is a minor problem for a tourist, providing he or she finds a proper side. The polish version is available here:

In Vilnius the buses are not the same. While looking at a timetable we can see the green buses marked with G. These are buses that are slightly faster but which do not stop at every bus-stop. Normal buses are marked blue, while trolleys are marked red. Since 14th August, Vilnius residents will be able to use also night coaches that are marked black on a timetable.

  1. How to buy a ticket?

One of the biggest difficulties for a tourist who gets off at the main station and who’s going to move around Vilnius using a public transport is purchasing a ticket. One can also buy a single use ticket at the driver; however, the option is neither cheap nor convenient. It costs 1 Euro and in fact, one has to change buses.

It’s worth using electronic ticket (Vilniečio kortelė), which can be bought at almost each stand for 1,50 Euro. We can really do a lot with a coloured card! We can buy a 24h ticket, 3-day, 10-day, monthly or a quarterly bus pass. We may also pay a specified amount of cash to the card, which enables to pay for 30-min or 60-min tickets. These are much cheaper than single use tickets and allow changing buses. In order to pay for tickets, one should put the card to a scanner and pick a ticket.

Each ticket – 24h or long-term bus pass – must be punched by putting it to a scanner. It’s a good practice to keep a receipt just in case, as sometimes not everything works as it should. A ticket can be recharged at most stands and at the MAXIMA shop chains.

  1. Discounts

It’s worth to be a student! In Vilnius students have up to 80% discount for a monthly bus pass! A single use ticket can be purchased with a 50% discount. High school students also have the right to similar discounts. To benefit from a discount, an International Student Identity Card has to be valid.

Information about additional documents entitling to use discounts, are available here:

People that are 80 years of age and more are entitled to a 80% discount, while those between 70 and 80 years old have a 50% discount.

In Vilnius, children of the age up to 7 can get about town for free provided that they don’t use additional space. Information about all discounts are available here:

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