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Our girls are getting ready for the coronation

@ Kurier Wielnski

Beautiful girls of the Vilnius Region have once again been given a chance to try their hand at a beauty contest. For the majority of them, it has been the first time on stage. The contestants unequivocally admit that taking part in the pageant makes them feel braver and more self-confident. All in all, the world belongs to the brave! The girls lucky enough to be shortlisted for the final stage of the contest will be able to fight for their greatest dream, i.e. the crown.

In the preliminaries the candidates presented not only their personal charm, but also their talents, passions, and interests. Each of the girls also said a few words about herself. “I am a reliable person, and I demand a lot from myself. Whatever I do, I try to do it perfectly. For me winning the contest is not the most important thing in the world, although deep down I hope that good luck will not abandon me and that my head will be adorned by the crown,” says 18-year-old Emilia Kowalewska from Vilnius. In the talent presentation, Emilia recited Jonasz Kofta’s poem titled “Nerwica w granicach normy” (“Neurosis within normal limits”).

Alicja Dowejkis enchanted the jury with her interpretation of Wisława Szymborska’s poem “Ludzie na moście” (“People on the bridge”). Jolanta Griniewicz from Vilnius played her own composition on the piano. Together with her friends, she also presented a skit which advertised the subscription for Kurier Wileński (The Courier of Vilnius). Jolanta, a very musical person, is an aspiring composer and songwriter.

A student of the Vilnius University,  Greta Pożarycka, mesmerized the jury with her charming voice when she sang Edyta Górniak’s “Kasztany” (“Chestnuts”) and Brathanki’s “Czerwone korale” (“Red beads”). Dominika Granicka, an 18-year-old owner of 50 trophies and 31 medals in ballroom dancing, presented her decoupage works and danced a beautiful dance with her partner. Dominika dreams of studying in Poland. Monika Kłunduk also displaced a talent for dancing in her wonderful Viennese waltz. In addition, she presented her photographs.

Before walking onto the stage, Monika Wickun from Vilnius admitted having a stage fright. Nonetheless, it did not hinder her from singing “Dla ciebie” (“For you”). Monika’s beautiful voice convinced the jury to let the girl be shortlisted for the top ten Polish beauties of Lithuania.

Ewelina Dijak, a final-year student of Adam Mickiewicz Gymnasium, at first glance a delicate and frail girl, enchanted the jury with her presentation of love dance rumba. Karolina Niewierowicz quickly managed to amuse everybody with her modern-style dance mix “Kalinka, malinka maya.” Karolina loves novelty, she is a creative person by nature. Thus, she wanted to do something original in the Polish beauty contest, so she danced a Russian-looking dance.

Diana Voroneckaja bewitched the jury with her excellent saxophone and guitar playing. While playing the guitar, she also beautifully sang a Spanish lyrical song titled “Porque” (“Why”). For many years Diana has been singing in “Przyjaźń” (“Friendship”), a Rudamina vocal group. She has been doing this “for other people and for God.”

All contestants had a very responsible attitude towards the pageant, since each of the girls was well prepared. Still, some of them were just more lucky as to pass the qualifying round. Some of the contestants, sadly, were out of luck.

“The very fact that I am here today is a great success for me. I am happy that I could participate in the contest. I could try my hand at performing once again. I am grateful to my friends and to everyone who supports me,” says  Dorota Aleksandra Marcinowska. She nicely presented a skit titled “Uciekający od deszczu” (“Running away from the rain”), but this time she did not manage to qualify to the final.

Singing, dancing, and reciting were presented most frequently at this stage of the contest. Some of the girls brought self-made photographs or other artifacts to show them to the jury. It is impossible to mention all talents and achievements of the contestants, although undeniably, each girl deserves appreciation.

“This year competition between the girls has been really serious. I am glad that our pageant is so popular. Some of the contestants are truly talented, it is visible with the naked eye. I am convinced that we will get on well with one another, as we have a common goal, i.e. to make the most of the contest. We have chosen girls who are both beautiful and talented. They are real diamonds in the rough. Some of the contestants missed the final just by a hair’s breadth,” comments Renata Brasel, a member of the jury and the director of song and dance ensemble “Wilia” (“Neris”).

The top ten finalists will soon begin a busy and demanding period of preparations for the final gala. They are going to practice for over two months under the supervision of two tireless ladies – director Renata Brasel and choreographer Teresa Andruszkiewicz. The girls are going to learn dance steps, self-presentation techniques, and lady-like manner of walking along the stage (solo and in groups). These are all things that will enable the finalists to shine in front of the jury and audience. Walking, standing, and presenting oneself are theoretically easy, but when you try to pay attention to the details…

It is not that simple to walk onto the stage and say something about oneself. In order to do it graciously, the girls have to work really hard. Even the greatest talent requires proper development and presentation.

“The girl of Kurier Wileński – Polish Miss Lithuania” is a beauty contest for girls from the whole Vilnius Region. The most beautiful Polish girls present their charm and talents just perfectly.

Dear Readers, we remind you that you may join the jury and, starting from today (January 7th ), choose your own beauty queen (Miss of the Readers) from among the finalists. You can vote for your favorite girl on the coupons published in Kurier Wileński. Feel free to send us as many coupons as you wish, but remember that no photocopies are allowed. Those who read us on the Web are encouraged to elect Miss Internet. You can vote for the contestant of your choice at  www.kurierwileński.lt as many times as you want. The girls are waiting for your support!


1. Ewelina Dijak (Vilnius)
2. Alicja Dowejkis (Vilnius)
3. Dominika Granicka (Vilnius)
4. Jolanta Griniewicz (Vilnius)
5. Monika Kłunduk (Vilnius)
6. Emilia Kowalewska (Vilnius)
7. Karolina Niewierowicz (Vilnius district municipality)
8. Greta Pożarycka (Vilnius)
9. Monika Wickun (Vilnius)
10. Diana Voroneckaja (Vilnius district municipality)


Zofia Matarewicz, head of “Sofina”, Lucyna Kałtan, head of “Lisenas”, Anna Kaczemcewa, head of “Asanta”, Renata Brasel, director of song and dance ensemble “Wilia” (“Neris”), Andrzej Podworski, commercial director of Kurier Wileński, Robert Mickiewicz, editor-in-chief of  Kurier Wileński and the head of the jury.

Source: http://kurierwilenski.lt/2013/01/07/dziewczyny-juz-przymierzaja-sie-do-naszej-korony/

Tłumaczenie Natalia Błędowska w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by Natalia Błędowska the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu. 

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