• May 25, 2012
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Did another robbery on the Poles Land happen again?

Fot. Marian Paluszkiewicz

Sometimes, when she returns after another visit in the Landed Regulations Office, she feels like want to  give up. She feels like she was robbed, but helpless as well because she was robbed in accordance with Lithuanian law and no court – at least the Lithuanian one – does not protect her from the plundering policy of each another government.

There are also moments of despair when she want just in the Vilnius way “to give everything up as a bad job”.

–          Why do I need these few thousands, if I have lost a wealth worth millions! – says Ms Bronisława Michajłowska, our editor fellow, who fights to win her patrimony back in her home Antolowice – previously one of the Vilnius suburban  towns, now very prestigious Vilnius quarter – with luxury villas owned by rich Lithuanians, hided in heart of coniferous forest strechting out thoughtout the road to Niemczyce.

For such over one hectare  land in this place, which is due to Ms Michajłowska  after her grandfather, she was proposed a  financial compensate in amount of a few thousands of litas. But at the same time, if someone would like to buy here piece of land, should have offered this much for 1 are.

“This remains me of robbery, nothing more, nothing less!” – claims Ms Bronisława.

This is not only her, who was cheated on this way; but also her friends and family and many other Poles, which  ancestor’s wealth were nationalized by Soviets. And now they are cheated on by the Lithuanian authorities and deprived of their patrimonies in accordance with local law.

Moreover, she claims also that have been done in good faith for those who were deprived of. Is said that current government of the Prime Minister  Andrius Kubiliuss was obliged to accomplish process of restitution of property rights in the Vilnius region( in other regions the process has been already accomplished or seems to be close to accomplishment (near 98 per cents). But the  situation in Vilnius region is similar to the Russian film “The Wedding at Malinowska” where if a authority tells to the mass that something is to be done for them, thst means they are about to be cheated on. And that’s the way it is – they are, in accordance with Lithuanian law.

One of the initiators such plundering policy is the Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius. Who has co – initiated   yet in the end of the previous decade of the past century an unusual legal idea of moving land property, which should be logically motionless. After the initiative was introduced, Poles living in the region was deprived of their patrimony for the first time, because many important officials has moved onto their properties from deep inside from Lithuania. Process was  closed with the situation. Where local land property holders were out of the land.

But there right to property left, that should be obeyed. That’s why the Prime Minister announced another idea of deprivation of the wealth  all around the Vilnius region through buyout of their properties for small price.

How the plundering system have been working  throughout 20 years , may show the Ms Bronisława case. She has applied for restitution of the patrimony in Antowile yet in 1991.

In those times process of restitution of law property nationalized by the Soviets has just started, therefore there was no problem to  give it back to holders. But the years passed and land were not still won back. In the meantime some part of the land which was a stud was ten over, and the well-known  building, where was probably jail for CIA prisoners at Lithuania. At the inheritor’s of the local holder expenses, local boarding house extended its activity, where stay many rich Lithuanians parents. Some part of free land was rented by the self – government company „Vilniaus vandenys”. But still remained quite considerable part of land; therefore the inheritors (including Ms Bronisława)  have counted for the final restitution after 21 years later would get back at least part of their property. They’ve got indeed, but just 6 ares from nearbly 1.25 hectare. Divided into three parts. For the reat of land – nearbly 1.2 hectare – they were proposed the compensate instead.

“This is simply awful  robbery! The price in amount of 10 000  litas for 1 hectare appears to e as a joke and constitute just 0,5 per cent of the real price of the deprived wealth. We cannot let this happen!” – has claimed lately Wanda Krawczonok, the chairman of the EWPL fraction in the Vilnius Council. She e has also mentioned that the time when the compensation would be paid would come in 20 years.

“The start when the compensations will be paid, come  no sooner than in the following year after the administrative decision was adopted and it would last unlimitedly, in accordance with the amount of sources predicted  in te following fiscal year. Because there is mentioned in motions, that the total amount of sources that could be sent in one bank transfer may not to exceed  1 000 litas. Any higher amount could be paid through 20 following fiscal years, because there is a lack of financial sources” – stated in the Chairman’s of the fraction announcement. Acording to her mind it shows that Lithuanian state tries another tie to cheat o its citizens. Therefore we may observe some pressure on them, with a view to choosing form of the compensation for deprived property.


Tłumaczenie  Ewelina Targosz  w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by  Ewelina Targosz  within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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