• May 16, 2012
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Old Skarżyn town made a tribute to Prelate Obremski

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Stary Skarżyn – a small town in the second level of local government  administration of Łomża has honoured a memory of Józef Obremski born  in the Łomża region. May 12 at this year in the local Maksymilian Maria Kolbe Parish Catholic Churcha tableau dedicated to the memory of the famous  Patriarch of the Vilnius region   was exposed . Exposing of the tableau was made by the Bishop of Łomża – Mr. Janusz Stepnowski, Phd and  the President of  the Academy of Agribusiness in t Lomza – Professor with   a post-doctoral degree – Mr. Roman Engler. In the celebration has participated a delegation  from the Vilnius region.

“Just another Moses” “ The Vilnius region’s  Patriarch” or “The Protector of Vilnius Land” – that’s the way priest Obremski was called by even when he had lived yet.  In his descendant s memory he appeared himself as a real soul and body doctor, offering his advice and support  to both priests and lay people. A person of the prelate is treated at the Vilnius Region with reverence. Also in Poland the memory of him is still alive and still forwarding to another generations.

The best evidence is the last celebration exposing the tableau in the Maksymilian Maria Kolbe  Parish Catholic Church in Stary Skarżyn.  “In the memory of Mr. Prelate Priest Józef Obremski, 1906 – 2011, Skarżyn Land’s Son, accomplished priest, who have been working at the Vilnius Region, and an  admirable patriot” – that’s the title of the tableau goes, funded by   the President of  the Academy of Agribusiness in t Lomza – Professor with   a post-doctoral degree – Mr. Roman Engler and by the academic society of Łomża  and the faithfuls of Old Skarżyn as well.

In the celebrations have took part a delegation consisted of several people from Vilnius Region, including representatives of the Vilnius, Solecznica, Niemenczyna, Mejszagoły and Turgiel areas. Including: Member of the European Parliament – Mr. Waldemar Tomaszewski, mayor of the Vilnius Area – Ms Maria Rekść, the starost of the Niemenczyn district – Mr. Edward Puncewicz, and custodian of the Anna Krepsztul Museum at Taboryszki – Ms Danuta Mołoczko.

During a solemn mass, which was celebrated by Bishop of Łomża – Mr. Janusz Stepnowsk, Phd and Dean Priest – Mr. Józef Aszkiełowicz with companion of Assumption of the Virgin Mary Choir from Mejszagoły, which have been hosting by Prelate Józef Obrembski till his last days in September last year


Tłumaczenie Ewelina Targosz  w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by Ewelina Targosz  within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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