• September 12, 2011
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The strike has been suspended

From Monday, in 5th of September, is suspended a strike in Polish schools in Lithuania – said Albert Narwojsz, coordinator of school strike committees. This is the result of talks with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, informed Andrius Kubilius and the effect of the declarations made by the prime ministers of both countries. As Donald Tusk announced in a speech after Mass in the church of saint Teresa in Vilnius, is expected to create an intergovernmental team for Polish education in Lithuania. Disappointed those who expected a more determined position of the Polish prime minister. Donald Tusk, calmly and in a sober manner admonished about the affairs of education of the Polish minority in Lithuania. Not only failed Andrius Kubilius, who still stubbornly and strongly argued that the law is good, is conceived for the benefit of children and is not geared to their assimilation and naturalization. The Lithuanian Prime Minister’s speech there were no new threads, no reflection on recent events.

The Poles say that it is light at the tunnel. Very little, but it is. There is a chance for improvement, but only if the declarations of the Prime Ministers will be filled with content, if the team will be representatives of the Polish minority and, more importantly, their voices and demands are taken into account. And.. if Poland really will depend on the support of the Poles in Lithuania.

Some Poles are very skeptical. At the meeting of prime ministers have died not promises or even revocation of the Act’s amendment. But this is dependent on the Polish community, which firmly believes that the new law is harmful and unacceptable. Prime Minister Kubilius said only “ways of easing its introduction.” What does this mean? That the new matriculation examination seemed young people will not in 2013, and for example 2014. And a few more such “reduced punishments.” Tusk’s speech while also not brought anything new, has repeatedly with high-ranking politicians, paragraphs, words of encouragement and support. Donald Tusk’s words were perhaps a little warmer. And that’s it.

School strike suspended the strike committees, but, as announced, will be closely watched the developments. If there are changes in accordance with the declaration of Prime Ministers and the demands of the Polish community, protest actions will be immediately resumed. Will be even more decisive.

Tłumaczenie Michał Sadowski w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu Translated by Michał Sadowski within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu

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