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The Attack of Liberal-Conservative Authorities on the Polish School in Senieji Trakai

The school is to remain as it is today! The school in Senieji Trakai must be preserved as a primary educational institution for national minorities. It cannot be reorganized or
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Will new school reform strike at Polish education?

Education department is preparing another reform concerning chain of schools in Lithuania. One of its primary goals is close-down of merged classes. Changes also apply to Polish schools in Lithuania.
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Lelewel and Syrokomla schools were granted the Junior High School status

In the Ministry of Education and Science on the 15th of December took place session of special commission responsible for the accreditation of schools. The status of junior high school
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National minority school teachers sent a petition to the Mayor of Vilnius

“Mayor, you have introduced chaos to schools, instability to teaching jobs and caused our students to feel unsafe and insecure. You need to resolve this situation as soon as possible.
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