• August 17, 2023
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Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Lithuania K. Radziwiłł honours Polish “hundreds”

Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Lithuania K. Radziwiłł honours Polish “hundreds”

On August 17, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Vilnius hosted for the first time a meeting of the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland Konstanty Radziwiłł and this year’s graduates of Polish schools in Lithuania, who achieved high results in their matriculation exams.

“This is the first time, although I would like it to become a tradition, we meet within the walls of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in order to appreciate the efforts and the achievements of high school graduates from Polish-language schools in Lithuania. I warmly congratulate you, dear young compatriots – who achieved the best results in your matriculation exams, thus testifying well to Polish education in Lithuania. Of course, thanks also go to the co-authors of these successes – your teachers, tutors and school principals, as well as your parents, without whose support and dedication these achievements would not have been possible” – emphasised Ambassador K. Radziwiłł.

“All of you are the living showcase of the Polish school in Lithuania, building its brand and recognition for it. Apart from the obvious educational value, the existence of good educational institutions with the Polish language of instruction, from kindergartens to universities, is a very important element in the preservation and development of the identity of Poles in Lithuania, proud of their roots, faithful to their small homelands, and at the same time, loyal citizens of the Republic of Lithuania.” – the Ambassador noted.

 The President of the Association of Polish Teachers and Schools in Lithuania “Macierz Szkolna”, Krystyna Dzierżyńska, who was present at the event, said in her speech that “every success is a collective effort”.

“Your teachers, to whom we bow low today, have contributed most to your successes. Thanks are also due to your parents. It was their wise choice that made you proud alumni of a Polish school in Lithuania. We wish you to always remember your identity, and your mother tongue and continue to be proud Poles of the Vilnius Region” – said President K. Dzierżyńska.

Radziwiłł did not hide his satisfaction that the Polish language matriculation exam will return to Polish schools as early as next year:

“I would like to make it a target that this exam can be taken at basic and extended levels. I am sure that for many of your younger colleagues, an additional compulsory exam may be a burden, but I am convinced that 12 years of study is enough to ensure that every solidly prepared high school graduate passes this exam with a high grade and is thus able to gain additional points for university entrance”.



Translated by Katarzyna Korniak within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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