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70 years have passed… Beautiful age of “Kurier Wileński”.

It was a beautiful and emotional time. Full of memories and family atmosphere. On Sunday, May 2nd, “Kurier Wileński” celebrated its 70th jubilee. Therefore, in the intention of former and current employees, co-workers and readers of the newspaper, the Holy Mass was celebrated in The Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Antakalnis. Afterwards, employees, co-workers and friends of the newspaper went to the “Sakwa” restaurant. This noble and round jubilee became a great opportunity to reminisce. 

The Holy Mass was celebrated by the prelate Wojciech Górlicki, who is a parish priest in The Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Vilnius.

‘To all the employees of “Kurier Wileński”, I wish them the light of the Holy Spirit so that they are always guided by the truth in their work and that their work also bears beautiful fruit. Thank you very much for this idea that the “Kurier Wileński” wanted to celebrate its jubilee in conjunction with the Eucharist, which is also a source of grace.’ the prelate said during the Holy Mass.

Editor-in-chief Robert Mickiewicz thanked all the generations of journalists, secretarial staff, administration and editors, who have created the newspaper over the past 70 years, for their efforts and hard work. He also thanked all the generations of readers, who had been reading us for 70 years. He also thanked the Polish country, which has financially supported the “Kurier Wileński” for more than two decades, the Prime Minister Office, the Polish Senate and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who have previously carried out this mission. A special word of thanks was expressed to the Jan Olszewski foundation “The Foundation Aid to Poles in the East”, which has been looking after our magazine for over two decades.

“Our most important mission is to work for Polishness. This thought guides our daily activities.” the editor said.

The 70th anniversary celebrations were honoured by the presence of many noble guests: His Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Lithuania Konstanty Radziwiłł, Dorota Mamaj – 1st Counsellor-Director of the Polish Institute, representatives of the Jan Olszewski Foundation “The Foundation Aid to Poles in the East” – Olga Alehno and Filip Ziemiecki, advisor of the mayor Robert Duchniewicz of the Vilnius district  – Daniel Żamojć, representative of the management of the Association of Teachers of Polish Schools in Lithuania “Macierz Szkolna” – Józef Kwiatkowski, winners of the poll of “Kurier Wileński” for “Pole of the Year”, including the winner of the 25th edition of the plebiscite – Krystyna Adamowicz. 

During the ceremony, His Excellency the Ambassador pointed out that the editors of the “Kurier Wileński” can always count on the support if it is needed, and on the kindness, which will always be needed from Warsaw, the Motherland. 

“I admire your professionalism, because this newspaper is simply a good newspaper. And actually, I think that’s the condition for it to keep going because with appeals or feelings alone, goodwill or willingness, you can’t make people read a newspaper, and it has readers precisely because it’s a good newspaper. And this is also to be congratulated, but I also congratulate you for this persistence, for this not only professional approach, but also for the sense of mission that you have.” Konstanty Radziwiłł pointed out.

The Chairman of the Board of the “Kurier Wileński”, Zygmunt Klonowski, said that it has been equally 25 years since the Klonowski family became responsible for this newspaper.

“In 1998, we became part of the owners of the newspaper. Then it happened that we took complete responsibility for the newspaper. There are a lot of memories related to that, but the first thing one remembers is dismay and fear. We were afraid of everything, but today we are no longer afraid and that is a very good thing” the chairman recalled. 

The nun Michaela Rak, founder and director of the Hospicjum bł. Ks. Michała Sopoćki in Vilnius (Palaimintojo Kunigo Mykolo Sopočkos hospisas Vilniuje), the winner of the “Pole of the Year 2014” plebiscite, recalled that when the hospice mission came to Lithuania 15 years ago, “Kurier Wileński” was the first to stand as a foundation for this hospice mission to develop.

A touching moment was the handing over of the cup to the winner of the 25th edition of the “Kurier Wileński” Readers’ Poll, Krystyna Adamowicz.

‘Thank you very much for the honour of receiving this award. This cup will be like a relic of “Kurier Wileński” in my home. Here are people who worked in the “Red Banner” and we are not ashamed of that.’ the winner said.

Many of the guests invited to the anniversary of the “Kurier Wileński” faced a difficult choice, as they also received an invitation to the 6th Congress of Poles and Poles from abroad taking place in Warsaw at the same time.

The director of the Dom Kultury Polskiej, Artur Ludkowski, was the first to send greetings to “Kurier Wileński” on Thursday. Krystyna Dzierżyńska, head of the Association of Polish School Teachers “Macierz Szkolna” in Lithuania, was participating in the 6th Congress of Poles and Poles from abroad, so she couldn’t attend the ceremony. In her letter of greeting, she wrote: “Our Association is particularly appreciative of the Journal’s support in defending Polish education in Lithuania and for its series of publications and reports dedicated to Polish education in the Vilnius region, and the profiles of our powerful teachers.”

In front of a large audience performed Radosław Stasiło, winner of the 6th edition of the Song Contest “Do słów Agnieszki Osieckiej” [To the Words of Agnieszka Osiecka], and the winner of the Grand Prix of this contest, Justyna Leonowicz. 

Translated by Natalia Koczaj within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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