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Meeting of Polish youth with representatives of the Polish Ministry of Education and Science and NAWA

A meeting of the Polish Ministry of Education and Science and the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) with Polish youth and their parents took place today, May 11, at the House of Polish Culture in Vilnius. During the meeting, information was presented on scientific cooperation between Poland and Lithuania, including NAWA’s open programs and funding opportunities for research projects and student exchange programs. Just before that, a meeting with the Polish Educational Society in Lithuania was held, during which the situation of Polish schools in Lithuania was discussed.

What is NAWA?

NAWA, or the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, is a state institution that plays an important role in promoting Polish science and academic education in the world. The aim of the agency is the internationalization of Polish universities and research institutions and the promotion of the Polish language and culture. These aims are achieved through a wide range of programs offered by the agency. NAWA has developed more than 20 programmes in various fields of activity.

NAWA is a special institution supporting mobility between universities. To this end, special programs and scholarships for foreign students have been launched, which allow them not only to go abroad but also to adapt in another country.

Gen. Anders Scholarship Programme

Gen. Anders Scholarship Programme is an offer for young people from the Polish community who are interested in pursuing bachelor’s or master’s degrees at Polish universities in the Polish language.

People who hold a Polish Charter and who have completed their entire secondary school education outside Poland may apply for the programme. A monthly stipend is offered under the programme.

Programs for researchers

As part of its activities, the agency is engaged in the promotion of Polish education abroad. To this end, the agency proposes exchange programmes for researchers that enable mobility not only between European countries, but also around the world.

Polish language

NAWA offers foreigners interested in the Polish language and culture to study Polish philology in Poland, carry out Polish research projects or participate in intensive summer courses. NAWA supports academic and research institutions implementing projects that promote and popularize the study of the Polish language and culture among foreigners.

Polish Language Promotion Programme – The objective of the Programme is to promote the Polish language associated with elements of Polish history and culture by financing projects that build the quality of teaching and prestige of Polish as a foreign language, permanently influencing the image of Poland in the world.

The Programme will finance projects, activities and initiatives aimed at disseminating Polish as a foreign language, strengthening the quality of its education and aiming at a wider audience.

Polish universities and scientific institutions undertaking activities to promote the Polish language at the academic level may apply for participation in the Programme.

For more information on ongoing programs, terms and conditions and recruitment deadlines, visit: Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange – Scholarships for Polish and foreign students, programs and academic exchanges – NAWA.


Polish National Agency For Academic Exchange

Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Poland

The Centre for the Development of Polish Education Abroad

Copernicus Academy

Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe’s Institute for the Development of Polish Culture and Language

Gen. Anders Scholarship Programme

Translated by Katarzyna Korniak within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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