• May 10, 2023
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Vilnius University in the lead among universities, among gymnasiums – Vilnius High School. Polish gymnasium in the TOP 20.

This year did not bring changes to the rankings of universities and gymnasiums – among universities, Vilnius University remains in the lead, and among gymnasiums — Vilnius High School. Polish John Paul II Gymnasium in Vilnius is also in the top 20.

This was announced on Wednesday by “Reitingai” magazine, which compiles a ranking of educational institutions each year.

Vilnius High School, which was a long-standing leader amongst gymnasiums, was ranked 2nd this year. The Vilnius High School of Technology and Design was ranked 5th.

Vilnius University remains the leader among universities. The Giedymin Vilnius University of Technology retained its 5th place on the ranking, the same as last year. The ISM University of Management and Economy is, traditionally, the leader among private universities.

The universities were assessed according to 39 different parameters, grouped into 5 criteria. In evaluations, the highest value is given to the assessment of employers, students, academic, artistic and sports activities, as well as the employees’ achievements.

Amongst the secondary schools which have a right to student selection, Vilnius High School leads the ranking table.

Polish John Paul II Gymnasium in Vilnius ranked in the top 20.

The Vilnius gymnasium dropped in the ranking and is currently ranking 18th. Last year the institution ranked 9th, in 2021 – 40th.

According to students’ achievements, Vilnius is the leader in Lithuania.

“The core message is that municipal and state schools are starting to drag behind private schools. Private schools will soon become the absolute leaders in gymnasium rankings. It was, in a big part, determined, and will be determined, by the political decisions on the education system in recent years.” – the magazine reports.

Translated by Anna Ronewicz within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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