• June 27, 2019
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Representative of AWPL-ZChR deputy director of the Wisagini self-government administration

Julija Svidėnienė, AWPL-ZChR representative, became the deputy director of the Wisaginia self-government administration. The city council made this decision by a majority of votes.

24 councilors took part in the Thursday vote. The candidacy of Julija Svidėnienė was supported by 16 of them, 7 people voted against and one councilor abstained.

“As a resident of Wisaginia, it is important for me to solve social issues and old problems in the urban economy. It is crucial to work together so that the city is liked by both residents and people coming here, “said Svidėnienė.

36-year-old Julija Svidėnienė obtained a specialization in business management at the Vilnius Technical University Gediminas. She has lived in Wisaginia since 1988, is married and has a son.

During the presentation, the candidate for the deputy director of the Wisaginia self-government administration emphasized that she and many residents of the city tried her luck abroad, but as one of the few she returned back.

Since 2005, she worked as a translator, manager, real estate consultant. Until now, she has worked as an education specialist at the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant.

She emphasized that she would use her abilities and experience in administrative work.

Julija Svidėnienė was a candidate from the list of the “Christian Family Union” Coalition of the AWPL-ZChR and the Alliance of Russians in the March local government elections. She didn’t get to the council of Wisaginia because she took fourth place on the list.

Wisaginia’s self-government council got: head of the AWPL-ZChR election list in this area, the president of the Wisagiński Branch of the Union of Poles in Lithuania, Zygfryd Binkiewicz, Dmitry Ikonnikow and Oleg Bykov.

AWPL-ZChR in the local elections in March she won a total of 56 councilors’ seats – including three in Wisaginia and 53 in the Vilnius district, taking first place among all parties here. This election result is very meaningful, considering that 1/3 of the Lithuanian population lives in the Vilnius region and almost half of the Lithuanian economy is generated here, 42 percent of gross Domestic Product (GDP) is generated there.

After local elections in all 6 local governments – in Vilnius and Solecznicki districts, Vilnius, Trotsky and Swiecinski districts and Wisaginia – where AWPL-ZChR has councilors, the party rules alone or has formed a ruling coalition.

Translated by Patrycja Polanowska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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