• August 17, 2018
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Media: places have been allocated at non-existent kindergartens in Vilnius

Local government having proclaimed that it brought an end to queues to kindergartens, in fact, it allocated places at non-existent educational institutions – reports delfi.lt.

In May local government announced that “all the little residents of Vilnius go to kindergartens – 7400 kids are invited to kindergartens in Vilnius from 1 September”. However, a woman came forward to the editorial team of the Lithuanian portal and claimed that from September her son should start his education in a modular kindergarten which construction works have not commenced yet.

According to Director of the Department of Education, Culture and Sport, Alina Kowalewska, modular kindergartens will be built in the near future and the process takes longer because of agreeing on procedural steps with various institutions. There were 100 children accepted to the nursery-kindergarten “Medynėlis” whose parents at the moment of signing the contract were informed about the fact that the educational process would begin after the construction of the modular kindergarten, without providing a concrete date” – stressed Alina Kowalewska.

As she added, all the families which want to start the education of their children on 1 September, can choose between education in the main building of the kindergarten and compensation of €100 for a private kindergarten.

Translated by Małgorzata Dąbrowska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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