Eight parties in the Vilnius District Municipality join forces before the election

Fot. Joanna Bożerodska

Eight political parties unite in the Vilnius District Municipality to create a real competition with EAPL–CFA (Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania – Christian Families Alliance) which has been in power in the region for many years.

Media report that the conservatives, peasants, liberals of two political orientations, social democrats, the Social Democratic Labour Party and the Labour Party issued a statement addressed to the inhabitants of the Vilnius District Municipality in which they called, among other things, for the inhabitants to register in the region so they could participate in local government elections.

Politicians point out that their main addressees are the new inhabitants of the region, which confront artificially created difficulties, but also they do not register in the region, in order not to lose certain benefits – kindergarten or school – in Vilnius.

Source: http://zw.lt/wilno-wilenszczyzna/w-rejonie-wilenskim-osiem-partii-laczy-sily-przed-wyborami/

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