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„Reitingai” magazine in November as every year, announced ranking of high schools (gymnasium) and higher schools in Lithuania.

High schools was estimated regarding to results of this year’s Lithuanian high school leaving examinations from following subjects: lithuanian language, english, german, russian, french, history, math, information technology, biology, chemistry, geography, physics.

50 the best schools among 450 higher schools in Lithuania from each category were chosen. The best schools from each category contains also polish schools- those placed in Vilnius and those in smaller places in Vilnius region.

„Reitingai” magazine revealed that within last 16 years number of students in Lithuania decreased over 50 %. In some Vilnius municipalities number of students decreased over 2/3.  In 2001 there was 604 thousand students, in 2017 – 330,8 thousand. The largest decrease were recorded in Visaginas region.

According to editor in chief Gintarasa Sarafinasa, smaller amount of children have influence on education quality because some regions are suffer from lack of specialists. “It’s only a metter of time before municipalities where children couldn’t study off charge appear.”- said Sarafinas

Nationally, the first place when it comes to chemistry gained Gymnasium named W. Syrokomli in Vilnius. Gymnasium named J. Śniadeckiego in Soleczniki takes 22 place, Gimnasium named M. Balińskiego in Jaszuny – 29 place, 31 – 35 – Gimnasium named J.I. Kraszewskiego in Vilnius.
– „Race to the top” in this category, we owe our student, Dominika Wasilewska. She has been one of the best high school graduate in Lithuania. Saulius Skvernelis, Lithuania Prime Minister congratulated her. She gained maximum notes – 100 points from 4 national examinations – lithuanian, math, polish, English, chemistry. Krystyna Tuczkowskia was her chemistry teacher.”- said Regina Lewicka, vice- principal Gymnasium named W. Syrokomli. She marked, lack of students wasn’t problem for Gymnasium so far due to opportunity for all children from Vilnius to learnt there. Though, number of students decrease over 25 students comparison to last year. Currently 822 students participate in Gymnasium.

This year’s ranking of 50 school which teach lithuanian the best, is just one polish school – Gimnasjum in Rukojniach (17 place ). This school is again one of the best. Last year took 19 place. This year took 19 place when it comes to russian language. Oleg Nikończyk, the Gymnasium principal talking to „Kurier Wileński” said that such good markes from Lithuanian language is to  Lilii Jeremiejewej, teacher of Lithuanian language credit. She received commendation among the best teachers in Vilnius region in this year’s contest entitled “ The best school, the best teacher”.

-However number of students taking Russian language exams continues decrease year-on-year, those who choose this exam receives really high-grades. In this year two students receive 100 points and one 90- marked headmaster. He mentioned problem decreasing number of students. – Population decline is the reason of above problem.  Situation has been stabilized. Currently in „preliminary class” we have 12 children, one more comparisons to previous year. School has 217 students- added  Oleg Nikończyk.

The best schools due to English language are two polish schools : Gimnasium named st. Urszula Ledóchowska in Czarny Bór (18. place) and Gimnasium named S. Moniuszko in Kowalczuki (39. place).

As every year, polish schools did well with Russian language exams. Among 50 the best schools there was 9 polish schools. Gimnasium in Rukojniach (19 place ), Gimnasium named J.I. Kraszewski in Vilnius (24 place), Gimnasium named. St. S. Kostka in Podbrzezie (25 place), Gimnasium Jana Pawła II in Vilnius (26. place).

The list of the best physics’s results includes 5 polish schools.  Gimnasium named M. Balińskiego w Jaszunach (7. place), Gimnasium named A. Mickiewicza in Vilnius (9. place), Gimnasium Inżynierii and named J. Lelewela in Vilnius (16. place), Gimnasium named J.I. Kraszewskiego in Vilnius (19 place).

High-school leaving biology examination went well for students learnt in: Gimnasium in Mickuny (6-7. place), Gimnasium named M. Baliński w Jaszuny (17-19. place).

Among schools with the best math’s results are four polisch schools:
Gimnasium named st. J. Bosko in Jałówka (5. place), Gimnasium named M. Baliński in Jaszuny (11. place), Gimnasium named J.I. Kraszewski in Vilnius (28. place).

Information technology is well learned by Gimnasium named Jan Paweł II in Vilnius (4-5. place), Gimnasium w Ejszyszkach (14. miejsce) i Gimnasium named. J.I. Kraszewski in Vilnius (42-43. place).

High-school leaving history examination went well for students learnt in: Gimnasium named st. Urszuli Ledóchowskiej in Czarny Bór (17-18. place), Gimnasium named K. Parczewskiego in Niemenczyno (38. place). Gratuates Gimnasium students  named K. Parczewski in Niemenczyno had good notes in geography exam as well (6. place).

„Reitingai” magazine published also primary schools, half-gymnasiums and higher schools ranking based on subjects contest’s results. According to results from first classes Gymnasium named W. Syrokomli in Vilnius took second place.

Translated by Ewa Kołaczyńska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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