• January 10, 2017
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Contest of the Polish Embassy in Vilnius: Polish places of national remembrance in Lithuania

The Polish Embassy announces the contest: Polish places of national remembrance in Lithuania – military cemeteries, graves of soldiers, monuments, memorials. The Polish diplomatic post encourages everyone to participate in it.

“It is difficult to enumerate Polish places of national remembrance scattered throughout Lithuania which are related to military actions, uprisings and participation in wars. Graves of many famous and deserving people did not preserve and many others did not even remain in people’s minds. To preserve the crucial Polish places of national remembrance, the Embassy published THE CATALOGUE OF POLISH PLACES OF NATIONAL REMEMBRANCE IN LITHUANIA – MILITARY CEMETERIES, GRAVES OF SOLDIERS, MONUMENTS, MEMORIALS on its website” – says the note published on the site of the Embassy.


The contest is organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Lithuania.

  1. The contest is organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Lithuania.
  2. The deadline to submit contest works is the 30th of May 2017.  The date of postmark or e-mail will serve as a proof.
  3. In order to participate in the contest, it is necessary to send information on Polish places of remembrance in Lithuania by e-mail: wilno.amb.wk@msz.gov.pl, or by post: Polish Embassy in Vilnius, Smelio 20A, LT-10323 Vilnius. It is allowed to provide supplement of the information already detailed in the catalogue and, perhaps, to forward photographs of the graves mentioned, but what we are deeply committed to is the information on places and objects that are not known to us and have not been specified in the catalogue yet. If this is the case, participant is asked to add photographs, localization and as much information as possible. Biographies of fallen soldiers and all other information and remarks on Polish places of remembrance are also welcomed.
  4. Both individuals and groups such as students or classes can take part in the contest, working jointly with a teacher or on their own.
  5. Works sent to the Embassy prior to the launch of the contest are also accepted.
  6. Contest works must be made by oneself.
  7. Works submitted to the contest will not be returned and will be kept in the catalogue of the Embassy.
  8. A work should include information on its author/authors: title, name and surname, age, name and surname of attendant / teacher, phone number, name and address of school, and e-mail.
  9. Awarding prizes and determining winners will rest with the jury of the contest, including representaties of the Embassy and persons invited (historians, combatants).
  10. Prizes awarded include:
    First prize – weekend trip to Poland for participant(s) (private individuals – max. 4 persons, classes – max. 30 persons) whose works will be regarded by the jury as unique and especially valuable.
    Consolation prize – for the second and third place in the contest the prizes sponsored by the Embassy will be awarded.
  11. By submitting a contest work, participant ensures that the copyright of the third party is not violated, and consents to publication of photographs and contents.


Translated by Grzegorz Gaura within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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