• December 2, 2016
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Tomaszewski: LLRA does not have a Facebook profile because we put on the direct contact with voters.

The leader of LLRA Waldemar Tomaszewski said for lrt.lt that LLRA does not have a Facebook profile because there is an additional person needed to run the page.

“There is mine profile (Waldemar Tomaszewski / Valdemar Tomaševski red.ed.) that works as our Facebook page. There are articles from our party’s website publicised. Of course there is a possibility to create a separate page. And maybe it is actually worth it but we would automatically need an additional person who would run it. We live modestly, and our priority is a direct contact with our voters”- Tomaszewski explained the situation.

MEP emphasised that he is not using Facebook because he does not have enough time for that. “I work a lot organizationally as a leader of the party. I’m the head of the staff. I would need more time. If one day you post something and on the other day not- that is a disadvantage too. One has to post regularly. However, there are no bigger problems with that because if there is something important, journalists always call”- said MEP.

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