• November 26, 2016
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Another monument of Rasos saved from defacement

One more monument of the Vilnius necropolis has been saved from defacement. The grave of Edward Lewald-Jezierski, falling apart on the top of a steep scarp, has been saved thanks to the annual fund-raiser among residents of Poznań. The repair was done by a Vilnus company “Rolija”.

“The grave was completely destroyed and its foundation threatened to collapse. We made a completely new housing, we put crosses. Although in the project the renovation of only one grave was taken into consideration, we also renewed a nearby tomb. These graves will last for years”, said the president of the company “Rolija”, Robert Kutut.

As he informed, renovation works have been carried out in following areas: a concrete foundation and sarcophagus were built, two new metal crosses were put on graves, pillars in the fence were renewed and a parapet preventing graves from the degrading influence of water.

“The grave of Edward Lewald-Jezierski was in a terrible state. We removed all the scattered concrete, rolled out the ground, set a formwork, we prepared reinforcing steel and raised a gravestone. The original fence was saved, we also strengthened pillars. One of them is completely new, as it was missing from the grave. According to the project, the ground is covered with concrete bricks and I myself think this is the best possible option”, said Władysław Kutut, who supervised execution of the renovation project. As he explained, range of works has been discussed with the Monuments Preservation Department.

This year Poznanians organized the fund-raiser for saving Rasos for the 17th time already. Thanks to generosity of residents of Poznań 28,652 zł have been collected.

The renovation of another object of Rasos has already been planned: probably it will be a grave of Józef Antonowicz, raising on a high scarp. A foundation of the grave is destroyed and probably going to collapse soon. It was also decided that a chapel of the Mączyński family, renewed as the first one, needs to be painted again. “17 years have passed and graves which were refurbished at he beginning now have to be refreshed and not generally renewed”, explains Monika Straszewska, a president of the Social Comitee “Poznaniacy Rossie i…”.

The first action for Rasos was organized in Poznań in 2000. It was started by father Edmund Jaworski, a pastor of the St. Casimir’s Church in Gułtowy and an enthusiast of the Vilnius region, co-organizer of the fund-raiser. He regularly visits Rasos.

The fund-raiser started by father Jaworski is now coordinated by the Social Commitee “Poznaniacy Rossie i…”. So far 20 graves and chapels have been saved from defacement, thanks to the fund-raiser. A total of approximately half a million zł was collected. The issue is supported by local politicians, social activists, journalists, athletes and representative of Poznań culture.

Thanks to the generosity of Poznanians it was possible to save eg. graves and chapels of the families: Mączyński, Malinowski, Gimbutt, Strumiłło, Hermanowicz, Burzyński, Rudnicki, Strzemiński, Bartoszewicz, also Antoni Marcinkowski and the Brothers Hospitallers of Saint John of God. The quarter of the Kondratowicz family has been renewed, as well as the roof of the chapel of Jasieński family, a burial chapel of Felicjan Nowodniczański and a historic tomb of Michał Innocenty Burhardt.

Translated by Agnieszka Drabik within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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