• November 23, 2016
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MP Leonard Talmot about the attacks on crosses

We have already informed our Readers about multiple attacks on crosses in Ejszyszki borough. The last one happened during the Saturday night.

The first act of vandalism took place on the road between Ejszyszki and Soleczniki, next to the turn leading to Podwarańce village. Unknown culprits sawed a wooden cross there.

By contrast, in Wiszkuńce village vandals did not manage to saw the cross entirely, just like the one situated 3 km from Ejszyszki , in Montwiliszki village (Koleśniki borough).

There were another vandalism attacks in the Šalčininkai district . In 2014, in Koleśniki borough someone sawed the cross. Also, in the October the same year, there was a wooden cross situated next to the church in Ejszyszki cut down in similar way, two Christian symbols were damaged: a monument that was memorializing people living in the town and surroundings, who in the years 1939-1959 died, were taken away or made to leave their family homes, had been daubed with paint, also, the monument of Saint John of Nepomuk had been devastated.

Similar act of vandalism had its place also in October 2015.

Nowadays the voice in this case took  the MP Leonard Talmont from LLRA party, who comes from Ejszyszki.

“I want to draw the attention of the government and also residents to this issue. Devastation of crosses and monuments can be assessed as a purposeful and planned action”- we are reading in today’s declaration of the MP.

“Desecration of a cross, that is a symbol of faith, selfless love towards God and a human, inseparable element of our culture and tradition, harms our religious feelings, culture, and civil morality in a brutal way”- thinks the parliamentarian.

“It is shameful. It is all that can be said about those acts. It is a disgrace because it is hard to be more nefarious than a person who devastates cross. It is a shame, because it is not done by strangers, but by someone who lives among us. Sadly, I have to say that it has to a certain extend become a habit. Majority of attacks have never been explained, since the police have more important  works to do”- rues the politician.

The MP expressed his indignation because of constant attacks on crosses in Ejszyszki borough, that he determined as crimes. Talmont has demanded from the enforcement agencies to take some actions in order to counter  similar acts in the future and outright steps in order to establish the culprits who are hurting Catholic’s religious feelings.

Translated by Agnieszka Bladowska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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