• October 9, 2016
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Observers from the Sejm of the Republic of Poland: These elections were calm

Grzegorz Janik and Tadeusz Aziewicz from the mission of the Republic of Poland Parliament observers do not have any bigger reservations towards the course of elections in Lithuania. The only disturbance was an current breakdown in Biała Waka.

“In places which we visited, and according to what our colleagues said, there were not any disturbances. Apart from this one in Biała Waka, where was a lack of current, which lasted seven minutes and it resulted in half an hour delay, because they had to arrange entire lists. In the rest of places, the elections proceeded very quickly. They were calm. It is quite surprising that three hours after closing elections we still do not have any results” – said Grzegorz Janik from the Law and Justice party, the chairman of Polish observing commission of the Republic of Poland Sejm.

“As observers, in general we do not have any bigger reservations when it comes to the proceed of the elections (..) In my opinion the elections in Lithuania proceeds in a very similar way to the elections in Poland. There appeared some problems in Biała Waka as a result of the breakdown of current, there was not certainty about computer data. Therefore the election commission performed a manual check of data, then they started to work. I think that it had no influence on the course of the elections” – said the deputy of Civic Platform Tadeusz Aziewicz.

For 141 seats in the Sejm were fighting a thousand of candidates. 31 percent of them were women. The average age of them is 49 years.

According to the Lithuanian legislation 70 of deputes are chosen from party’s lists, and 71 in single-member constituency. There is also predicted a second tour of the elections, which will be held in two weeks in single-member constituency, where in the first round none of the candidates gets over 50 percent of the votes.

Sunday’s election proceeded without any bigger problems. Reported about 60 infringements of electoral law.


Translated by Aneta Banacka within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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