• September 9, 2016
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Did Edita Tamošiūnaitė illegally campaign in a nursery school?

On Friday, in nursery school pupils’ cabinets in a nursery school „Medynėlis“ in Karolinki, were found campaign materials of a candidate of AWPL-ZChR Edita Tamošiūnaitė. It is possible that the materials were distributed by a nursery school’s employees.

The Chairman of the Central Election Commision Zenonas Vaigauskas informed BNS, that such actions might be classified as an infringement of law. “All the circumstances have to be cleared up. If comes out that the employees were forced to distribute folders by a head teacher or somebody else, it means that we deal with the use of administrative sources and it is under a threat of an administrative punishment” – explained the Chairman of CEC.

 “ In the cabinets, there were found campaign materials, which obviously were destined for parents. From a moral side, putting such materials into pupils’ cabinets without their parents’ knowledge is a sign of a very low standard” – said to CEC one of parents, a musician Domantas Razuskas.

The deputy director of a nursery school Lilija Dzieveckaja informed CEC that probably the materials appeared after a Thursday’s visit of a candidate in an institution. Tamošiūnaitė met with a school management and left campaign folders, which were taken by the form teachers.

The head teacher added, that the form teachers were not forced to distribute campaign materials.

Edita Tamošiūnaitė next week want to meet nursery school’ teachers.

The election to the Sejm will be held on October 9th.

Translated by Aneta Banacka within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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