• June 14, 2016
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First stage of accreditation has started in Lelewel school?

Self-government submitted the documents to the Ministry of Education regarding Joachim Lelewel school, so it can implement the engineering profile into its teaching program from the fall. This is the first step to transforming the school into so-called long gymnasium.

”The accreditation takes place in two stages. The first is filing an application to the Ministry of Education regarding specialized teaching from September. Second stage is filing an application to transform into a long gymnasium, which will be accomplished in the fall, when the school is moved to the building on Minties Street and will meet all the conditions” — told zw.lt Vilnius vice-mayor Valdas Benkunskas.

Benkunskas is convinced that the first stage will be completed successfully. ”Our conversations with the Ministry imply that the department will not delay the process. Minister will sign the regulation before summer holidays so it will not be necessary to wait until the end of summer. — said vice-mayor.

The conflict between Joachim Lelewel school’s community and capital’s self-government arose over a year ago. Self-government supported the transformation of the school into a long gymnasium, but under the condition that the institution will be moved to the former building of Antoni Wiwulski school. The school community argues that the building on Minties Street is not suitable for this number of students. The local-government says that the school is ready to accept the required number of students. Currently the Lelewel school has 502 students. The building of Wiwulski school can house 456 people.

”There is enough space in the new building. The school is able to take as many students as it has now. If the future brings any issues, then the school as a long gymnasium will have to select the students and Vilnius residents will take precedence. Currently many students of this school are from the area” — explained a month ago to zw.lt Benkunskas.

Among Polish schools, also Wladyslaw Syrokomla school is waiting for an accreditation.

Translated by Karolina Jarmużewska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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