• March 22, 2016
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There will soon be a Polish version of the Vilnius city website

It was reported by media that a Russian language version of the Vilnius City Municipality website will be launched at the end of the week. The local government authorities reassure that a Polish language version will also be launched soon.

“It also concerns Polish language. Currently, it is more about certain technical solutions, that is why one language version will be launched before another. But in the end, the citizens of Vilnius will have all four language versions: Lithuanian, English, Russian and Polish. A technical meeting of all departments is to take place this Friday and only then will we know when these websites will be launched. It depends more on the IT department” – Aleksandras Zubriakovas, the mayor’s advisor, informed zw.lt.

Since August last year, the petitioners have been provided with information in four languages: Lithuanian, English, Russian and Polish. “From what I know, no statistics concerning Polish petitioners are being kept. But we have enough workers who speak English, Russian or Polish fluently. Because we treat all the citizens of Vilnius equally. We do not divide the citizens in regard to their nationality” – assured the mayor’s advisor.

Witalij Moksin, the head of the Customer Service Department of the local government, informed that the statistics are actually not kept but there are visible tendencies that people choose a language which they understand. And this makes the work much easier.

“Of course, Lithuanian language is the most popular. Then Russian. And finally, Polish and English. It is hard to say which language they speak more often” – explained Moksin.

Within one year, 120 000 citizens visit the Vilnius City Municipality. About 500 petitioners ask for information or help every day. The local government renders over 250 services, 100 of which are also available and rendered online.

EFHR is helping to create the Polish language version.

Translated by Diana Dymel within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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