• February 5, 2016
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A modern and cosy Polish school in Šumskas

Situated in the suburbs of the Vilnius region, the elementary school in Šumskas invited guests to celebrate the end of its renovation on the 4th of February.

In the event took part: Maria Rekść, the mayor of the Vilnius district Municipality, councilman Stanisław Zajankowski, Lilia Andruszkiewicz, the head of the Department of Education, Edmund Szot, the head of the Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism, Krystyna Gierasimowicz, the governor of the Kalvelių municipality. Also Jarosław Narkiewicz, the Deputy Chairman of the Seimas, principals of the neighboring schools, teachers, parents, and other guests visited the school to express their congratulations.

During the concert, children and teachers thanked everyone who has contributed to the school renovation and aimed at making the school a cosy place for both its students and workers.

Janina Zienkiewicz, the Principal of the school, thanked the region governing body not only for renovating the building, but also for creating conditions for effective school work. Also parents expressed their sincere gratitude and hope that their grandchildren will still learn in the benches of this beautiful school.

The guests had an opportunity to watch a young talent show and listen to a list of changes in the school presented by Leokadia Żukowska, the Deputy Principal of the school.

After the concert, mayor Maria Rekść visited all classrooms in the school. Children willingly showed her the rooms, told her about learning and their interests. The mayor, enjoying the work done and the modernized school, praised the institution community for their activity and wished them good luck in all their actions.

Jan Czerniawski, the priest of the St. Michael the Archangel Parish in Šumskas, blessed the refurbished rooms.

The school community has been enjoying the refurbished school right from the beginning of the new school year. The floor and the roof were replaced and insulated, the heating system was replaced, the ventilation system was reconstructed, the existing boiler-house was replaced with a biofuel one, the sewage system was renovated, and a fire alarm system was installed.

The project financed by the Vilnius district Municipality and the Lithuanian Environmental Investment Fund is valued at 340 000 euro.

Based on: vrsa.lt

Translated by Diana Dymel within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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