• January 6, 2016
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Butkevičius: Solution on the Problem of the Spelling Non-Lithuanian Names

2015 was successful for Lithuania. For me it was a year of hard work. We had plenty of goals I it thing that those basis are accomplished. We would

 like next year to be even better – said Algirdas Butkevičius in his interview for the radio station “Znad Wilii”

According to the Prime Minister the most important events in 2015 was the introduction of the euro in Lithuania and the activation of energy bridges between Poland and Sweden.

 In the interview Butkevičius  also mentioned a tragedy which had place in the region of Kėdainiai on the 1st January. In the village Saviečiai a man threw his 2-years-old son and 6-months-old daughter in a well where they both died. In the opinion of  Butkevičius that tragedy shows the absence of coordinated actions and the poorness of exchange of information between certain institutions. “We obliged the Ministry of Social Policy and Labour to present the solution which will facilitate contact between particular institutions” – marked Butkevičius. He added also that he will combat more against alcoholism. Moreover, he will restrict certains conditions on points and hours of alcohol sales.

However, he does not think that there is a necessity to establish new institutions on protection of the rights child. “In my opinion we do not need a new institutions however the Committee on the Rights of the Child must be conferred powers on” – said Butkevičius.

In the interview the Prime Minister of Lithuania mentioned that he had talked to Beata Szydło – the Prime Minister of Poland. “We talked about the collaboration between our countries. I said that we look at Poland as a strategic partner. As Butkevičius said he had invited the Polish Prime Minister to Vinus for the energy bridge’s opening ceremony but she hadn’t appeared.

The president of the Lithuanian Government assured, that the problem of spelling non-Lihuanian names will be solved until the spring. “During the last session of Seimas I said that marking time and not making a decision do not improve relations between those two countries” – said Butkevičius – “and I take responsibility for it” – he assured.

The PM said that the new year’s budged predicts additional funding for the development of the North-Western Lithuania. “We will have more money, from UE as well, for the cultural and economic development of that region of Lithuania – marked Butkevičius. He added, that the government wants to concentrate more at the issues of minorities, what confirms the fact of re-establishing The Department of Miniorities.

Translated by Angelika Gucik within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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