• October 13, 2015
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VIIth Vilnius Meetings of the Polish Theatre

Polish Theatrical Studio in Vilnius/Studio Theatre invites fans of theatrical plays to the 7th edition of the International Theatrical Festival “Vilnius Meetings of the Polish Theatre” which will take place on 12-14 November 2015.

The promoter of the Vilnius Meetings of the Polish Theatre is the Polish Theatrical Studio in Vilnius/Studio Theatre under the leadership of Lilia Kiejzik; together with enthusiasts, she seized the oportunity of assembling the actors from outside the borders of the motherland. Theatrical troupes from the Český Těšín, Cracow, Warsaw, Lview and New York arrived in the city back then. Russian Drama Theater of Lithuania and Polish theaters in Vilnius also participated in the undertaking. The festival was also organized in 1995; unfortunately, after two editions there was a few year gap caused by the aspects independent from the organiser. Only after the Theatre conducted by Lilia Kiejzik found its permanent place in the Centre of Polish Culture, did the idea of organizing the festival reappeared. Vilnius Meetings of the Polish Theatre take place regularly from 2007. In 2011, the 5th edition of the festive, in which 10 troupes participated, did take place. In general, more than 120 participants appeared at the Meetings of the Polish Theatre. In the 6th edition, theatres from the USA, Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland, Canada, Hungary, Russia and Lithuania participated.

Vilnius Meetings of the Polish Theatre is the only theatre festival of this kind in the world.

Vilnius Meetings of the Polish Theatre create the opportunity for the audience of consorting with the theatrical play on the high level and experiencing authentic emotions in direct contact with an actor. Actors can present their talent and skills as well as their artistic achievements to the demanding, Vilnius audience, which actively participates in the interactive meetings.

Professional and amateur theatres from Europe and the North America, which have Polish language dramas in their programme, were invited to the 7th edition of the festival. In the festival’s programme there will be 10 performances of the theatres from Poland, Lithuania, Grmany, Austria, Ukraine and Canada presented on the stages of the Theatre in Pohuliankos, now the National Russian Teatre of Lithuania and Centre of the Polish Culture in Vilnius. The festival’s performances of each theatre will also be staged in culture institutions in Vilnius region and Trakai. In the festival’s prgramme there are exhibitions and thetarcal workshops for Polish children and youth In Vilnius, which will be conducted by the directors and culture animators from the Puppet Thetare and Actor “Open Eyes” from Bielefeld in Germany. We would like the next opening of the Vilnius theatre celebration to be more absorbing form the previous ones and enriched in the artistic expierences.

During the festival, celebrations of the 55 years of activity of the Polish Theatrical Studio in Vilnius will take place.

Translated by Agnieszka Galek within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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