• September 22, 2015
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What St. Francis Church’s relics portray?

In the porch there is the Way of the Cross leaning against the wall, plaster crumbling from fragments of frescos in the vault of the church and in aisles there are traces of former altars built in the columns. Such view appears before the eyes of a worshipper who goes into the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary church in Vilnius. However, if one imagined a perfect situation (like cash inflow, gathering the best specialists from all ove the world), then this Franciscan church would regain its former glory in 5 years, says Leszek Zakrzewski, a restorer from Gdańsk. Leszek Zakrzewski wil answer questions of how are the [restoring] works are being done and what the preserved relics say in the eyes of the restorer.

As the restorer noticed, the Franciscan temple looks quite sad when compared to other churches in Vilnius. Nevertheless, there is still hope that initiatives like a series of Freski charity concerts, started by the Franciscan Order, the Franciscan Culture Centre and UNESCO Institute of Personality Development „Rafaelis”, or help of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage allow to collect money needed to renovate the sanctuary. The current funds available allow Leszek Zakrzewski and his co-workers to only visit the Vilnius temple from time to time. His current visit is possible thanks to the funds from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. If there were money to restore the original greatness of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary church in Vilnius, it would join the architectural jewels of Vilnius.

If anyone wishes to provide financial support for the renovation of the church, please use the bank account created for this aim:

http://pranciskonai.lt/wersja polska/My na Litwie/Wilno/Nabożeństwa/kliknij w obrazek


OFMConv. Account: LTO773OOO1OO8O65543O 73OOO AB bankas “Swedbank” SWIFT:HABALT22

Photos and edition: Edwin Wasiukiewicz
Based on: own information

Translated by Klaudia Chmura within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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