• March 27, 2015
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Tomaszewski not wanted. Small protest in front of the Vilnius district municipiality building

During today’s meeting, the council of Vilnius district municipality intend to make a decision on bestowing Waldemar Tomaszewski, the  leader of Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania, with the title of honorary citizen of Vilnius district. Gathering for the council meeting, its members met a few-person picket organised by Tomaszewski’s opponents.

The official organiser behind the picket was the January 13 Association, which had been granted permission to protest. A few persons affiliated with activities of national and nationalistic groups gathered in front of the district municipality building. Among them was also Gintaras Karosas, the councilor of the Conservative party and founder of Park of Europe. The protesters brought posters, on each of which the name of Tomaszewski was written incorrectly in different ways. According to the protesters, Waldemar Tomaszewski has not provided any contributions for the Vilnius district, and thus bestowing a honorary citizen’s title on him is the discreditation of such a title.

The bill to bestow the title of honorary citizen of Vilnius district will be considered at the end of the council meeting.

As the Vilnius district municipality has stated, the idea to honour the leader of Electoral Actions of Poles in Lithuania, who in March celebrated his 50th birthday, had been put forward by the housing communities of Ławaryszek, Bujwidz, and Sużan. A special district commission favourably considered the application. The final decision belongs to the district council, of which the majority are the representatives of Electoral Actions of Poles in Lithuania.

The title of honorary citizen of Vilnius district has been bestowed on four persons so far. In 2001 it was bestowed on priest prelate Józef Ombremski (1906-2011), in 2002 on priest Antoni Dziekan (1914-2004) and professor Andrzej Stelmachowski (1925-2009), and in 2003 on priest Dariusz Stańczyk.

Translated by Bruno Janiszewski within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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