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The Lithuanian Ministry of Culture will co-fund 10 Polish projects

In November last year, the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture held a competition for co-funding projects aimed at promotion of ethnic minorities’ culture.

Bearing in mind that on the 1st of July 2015 the Department of National Minorities and the Diaspora will resume its activity, financial grants has been offered to these projects which are going to be implemented in the first half of this year.

The Ministry of Culture received 143 applications for financial grants. The Lithuanian government allocated 52 000 euros for co-funding abovementioned projects. The commission has awarded grants for 57 projects.

Among these 57 projects, there are 10 concerning culture of Polish minority. Grants from the Ministry of Culture has been given to:

  1. The Polish Cultural Association in Jauniūnų (Polish: Jawniuny) – the meeting of Poles – 800 euros
  2. The Polish Association in Kėdainiai (Polish: Kiejdany) – the Polish language school operated by the Association – 700 euros
  3. The Charity and Support Fund ‘The House of Polish Culture in Vilnius’ – Polish Culture Festival – 1500 euros
  4. The Polish Folk Group of Song and Dance ‘Wilia’ – the concert celebrating the 60th anniversary of the group – 2000 euros
  5. The Association of Teachers of Polish Schools in Lithuania ‘Macierz Szkolna’ (English: ‘School Mothercountry’) – 19th School Theatre Festival ‘Vilnius 2015’ – 900 euros
  6. The Regional Branch of ZPL (the Association of Poles in Lithuania) in Trakai (Polish: Troki) – ’25 years with folklore’, the jubilee concert of the Polish Folk Group of Song and Dance ‘Biedronka’ (English: ‘Ladybird’) – 1400 euros
  7. The Regional Branch of ZPL in Trakai – the project named ‘Nasza kultura jest piękna niczym bajka’ (English: ‘Our culture is as beautiful as a fairyfale’) – 1500 euros
  8. The Association of Polish Writers – ‘Days of World Poetry in Vilnius 2015’ – 400 euros
  9. The Folk Group of Song and Dance ‘Wilenka’ – ‘Dźwięcz’, the festival of Polish songs – 1500 euros
  10. The Polish Studio Theatre in Vilnius – ‘Theatrical ides’, the festival held on the occasion of the World Theatre Day – 2000 euros

From the overall sum of 52 000 euros, the Polish projects were given 12 700 euros.

Below, you can find the list (in Lithuanian) of all projects, which received grants from the Ministry of Culture.

Download the attachment:



Translated by Joanna Stępińska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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