• March 3, 2015
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6th edition of the competition “To Be a Pole”

Children, youth, and adults under 25 from outside Poland are now eligible to take part in the 6th edition of the competition “To Be a Pole”.

The goals of the competition:

– teaching and strengthening the national identity

– learning Polish history linked with the history of a given family

– preserving Polish language

– defining one’s role as a Pole in a given place of residence

– presenting the richness of biculturalism

The topics of the 6th edition of the competition:

– Group 1 – age 8-12 – “The heroes of Polish novels in their journeys around the globe”

– Group 2 – age 13-15 – “I appeal for honoring ………………………………………… the Polish Order of the Smile”

– Group 3 – age 16-18 – “The Polish People’s Republic according to the memories of my family and friends”

– Group 4 – age 19-25 – “May the Polish state flag never flaunt beneath the flags of others” (President Ryszard Kaczorowski)

– Group 5 – multimedia group, no age restrictions – “20 millions of Poles scattered around the globe”

In order to take part in the competition one has to fill the notification form available on www.swiatnatak.pl, get acquainted with the topics, and submit the work before the deadline, i.e. 31.03.2015.

The awards for the winners are: educational-cultural stay in Poland in July 2015, and in-kind prizes.

The organizers of the competition are: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the “Polish Community” association (stowarzyszenie “Wspólnota Polska”), the Centre of the Development of Polish Education Abroad (Ośrodek Rozwoju Polskiej Edukacji za Granicą), European Union of Polish Communities (Europejska Unia Wspólnot Polinijnych), “Świat na Tak” (“Yes for the World”) foundation.

Translated by Damian Gabryś within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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