• February 21, 2015
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Cabaret “StuDnia”

Wilnoteka.lt Portal and the Association of Teachers of Polish Schools in Lithuania “Alma Mater” and Dom Kultury Polskiej (House of Polish Culture) invited Polish children from school to attend the Vilnius region in the first festival “humor from the prom” – Cabaret “StuDnia’2015”.

In the past half-century Proms in Polish schools in Lithuania have become a specific character, becoming one of the most popular events among youth through their cabaret character. Students in grades prior to matriculation and matriculation prepare a whole series of sketches and parodies that are issued only once – at the prom (last time two – also at the meeting of graduates) – viewers of these shows are so only the students themselves, teachers, if necessary. Parents and graduates of this school . The idea of ​​Cabaret “Well” is a way out of the school humor to a wider audience and showcase student competition cabarets in the system – the best are worth even valuable prizes! If there are festivals, school theaters, folk groups and children’s song – why good humor, which never enough, is to remain in the shadows? The more that does not require a special effort beyond the choice of the most successful jokes, sketches and songs (dance) with a presentation of the latest prom and again, no longer in school, but in a wider circle of His Same!

Inviting you to participate in this festival, we want to pay more attention to young people on the cabaret stage as a form of creativity and artistic expression. To this day, in the Vilnius there is not a fixed group of cabaret, despite interest from the Polish community is huge!

We also want to mobilize students and teachers to become more involved in the preparatory stages of the creative program of traditional proms, encouraging a more ambitious and universal treatment of the presentation, go beyond the typical parodies jokes and secondary teachers.
We hope Cabaret “Well” will become a regular event, which will grow once permanent cabaret groups, preparing original own program to the public, not only Polish, and not only in Lithuania. We believe that the incentive to participate in the Cabaret will not only be attractive prizes – and the best reward will go to Brussels! – But also the will of rivalry and self-confidence and self-creation.

The competition:

To 9 February 2015. Please send your application, confirming participation in the competition, e-mail address: beata.buzynska@wilnoteka.lt
To 18 February 2015. Reported schools should submit a video program proms in full or (preferred) short, 20-30 minutes. On the basis of the submitted recordings jury will select 5-6 finalists, whose programs will qualify for the final.

Applications are accepted in the following forms:

a. recorded on CD / DVD or other digital media (disk, card, etc.) and delivered to the editor Wilnoteka.lt portal (Dom Kultury Polskiej, Naugarduko 76 Street);

b. in the form of a file (link), sent to the email address beata.buzynska@wilnoteka.lt;

c. by directly posting on YouTube (in the form of a closed, address, and access will be given to participants who register their participation).

Finalists will be notified about qualifying for the finals to 23 February 2015. Selection will the jury, composed of representatives of Polish artistic circles and Lithuania (2 pers.), Polish School (1 pers.), Editorial of Wilnoteka (1 pers.). The jury will be chaired by the creator of the one in the Vilnius Polish cabaret “Chata” (“Cottage”) of Zbigniew Lewicki.

February 27, 2015 in Dom Kultury Polskiej (House of Polish Culture) will take a final gala of Cabaret”StuDnia’2015″ (Start – 17.00), during which the finalists will present their programs (support them are a group of supporters), and the committee will select the winners and the winners, as well as the best group of supporters.

Winners earn for their school trophy and the title of the funniest School of Vilnius region in 2015, as well as a trip to Brussels and visit the European Parliament at the invitation of MEP Waldemar Tomaszewski. For the winners of the second and third place and the best fans also waiting for interesting trips and awards, which certainly will add them to the wings!


Presented during the final gala program may not exceed 20 minutes. The program should include three mandatory elements: an invocation or introduce yourself (presentation of the team or school), at least one sketch dormitory and at least one presentation of music (song or dance). Each program will be evaluated by a jury, which will issue the final verdict. Due to the main prize of the number of participants of each team must not exceed 12 people (with the teacher / tutor).
Each team-finalist shall also organize support group (supporters) for the final concert. The number of fans can not exceed 40 people. When selecting the best fans (one prize) jury will take into account, among other things: preparation (banners, etc.), for “cheering” and the idea of cheering.

Translated by Michał Sadowski within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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