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The competition devoted to the quarter-century of the existence of KS Polonia Wilno (FK Polonija Vilnius)

In 2015, the sports club Polonia Wilno, as the beneficiary and the continuator of the activity of its predecessor – The Polish Sports Club in Lithuania “Polonia”, organizes the celebration of its 25th anniversary. On this occasion, we write about this competition, which aims to check the people’s knowledge of the Polish sport in Lithuania, but especially of the history of the jubilee.

The competition consists of 25 questions:

  1. Since regaining independence by Poland in 1918 to the breakout of the Second World War, Vilnius was not a black mark on its sports map, which was shown, for instance, by the activity of sports clubs there. Would you name a couple of such sports clubs?
  2. After the breakout of the Second World War, Polish sportsmen from Lithuania and sports activists stood up to defend the motherland from the fascist invaders, many of whom paid for it with their lives. Provide names and surnames of two or three of those who fell back then.
  3. When after the agreement in Yalta there was no Poland, those who decided on the so-called repatriation to the motherland later took part in the Olympics “with eagles on their shirts”, and stood on the highest stand on the podium during it. Who from our countrymen was among the winners?
  4. Those countrymen who stayed in the Soviet Lithuania also did not back down in the sports competitions, winning champion titles of the Soviet Union, Europe, World, and even the Olympic Games. Provide names and surnames of at least five of them.
  5. Before the Polish Sports Club in Lithuania “Polonia” was founded during our national revival at the end of 1980s, a group of sports enthusiasts organized the first Winter Olympics of Poles in Lithuania. Where and when did it happen?
  6. Who was the guest of honour during these battles on the ice and snow?
  7. The best from the Olympics were honoured to represent our colours during the second World Winter Olympics of Poles in Zakopane. The medals won by them show that they actively took part in it. How many and what medals were won?
  8. On the 23rd-25th of June 1989, the first tourist rally of Poles in Lithuania took place. Where did it take place?
  9. The author of the emblem of the rally is the late visual artist Aleksander Żyndul. What does the emblem depict?
  10. Which team from the rally was among the winning ones?
  11. When and where did the founding meeting of the Polish Sports Club in Lithuania “Polonia” take place?
  12. Its guest of honour, and at the same time the godmother of the club was the legendary Polish athlete. Who was she?
  13. Who became the first chairperson of the newly established club?
  14. Whose image was placed on the emblem of the Polish Sports Club in Lithuania “Polonia”, which now is placed on the emblem of KS Polonia Wilno?
  15. In the summer 1990 in Stalowa Wola, the first Polish Football World Cup took place, during which the Polish Sports Club in Lithuania “Polonia” team gave an excellent performance, winning first place. Which team was its opponent in the final, and what was the final score?
  16. Who was the captain, and who was the coach of the winning team?
  17. In the summer 1991, the seventh World Summer Olympics was organised in Cracow. Our 30-people squad won 1 gold, 6 silver and 2 bronze medals during it. Who and in which discipline won the gold one?
  18. On the 17th-19th of January 1992 in Suderwa, the second Winter Olympics of Poles in Lithuania was organized on the initiative of the Polish Sports Club in Lithuania “Polonia”. A native Vilnian, and a silver medalist in the discipline speed skating from the Olympic Games in Squaw Valley, attended it. Who was it?
  19. When and under what circumstances was the Polish Sports Club in Lithuania “Polonia” forced to limit its activity within the Lithuanian territory?
  20. Who, since then, has been the chairperson of KS Polonia Wilno?
  21. Football players brought the biggest successes to our club. They achieved quite a lot, by winning the champion title four times in a row during the World Summer Olympics of Poles. Would you provide dates of those successes?
  22. The team led by Wiktor Filipowicz and Romuald Kuncewicz also did well during the Lithuanian games. In what year did it win the historical promotion to the first division?
  23. When, at the John Paul II Progymnasium in Vilnius, was the junior section of KS Polonia Wilno established?
  24. Our club is the arranger of the annual competitions (this year was its second edition), which since 10 years have been organized at the gym of the House of Polish Culture in Vilnius. What is the discipline?
  25. Taking special care of the health and fitness of the youth, KS Polonia Wilno very successfully organizes the games of the school women’s volleyball league. From where does the team, which this year is going to defend the champion title, come from?

Being aware of the difficulty of the competition, we suggest the potential participants using the book published on the 15th anniversary of the club entitled “Do mety Wilią znaczonej. Sport polski na Litwie: historia i teraźniejszość” (“To the finishing line marked by Wilia. The Polish sport in Lithuania: the history and the present”), which may help answer a number of questions, and can be acquired in the bookstore located in the House of Polish Culture. One should also check the web site of the club: www.kspolonia.lt.

Those who answer the most questions correctly will win (in the case if there are several people with the same number of the correct answers, the date of sending them in will decide about the winners). They will be awarded 20 valuable gifts, funded by the Polish Olympic Committee. It is rumored that one of the stars of the Polish sport will present the awards.

The official contest summation will take place on the 18th of April this year, and will be the part of the ceremony devoted to the quarter-century of the existence of the Polish Sports Club in Lithuania “Polonia”.

The answers should be sent within the timeframe to the 10th of April 2015 to the address of the club: 03202 Vilnius, Naugarduko 76 Street, the House of Polish Culture, with a note on the envelope: “Sports competition”, or to the email address: kspolonia@gmail.com. To ensure a better contact, please make sure to provide your telephone number.

We strongly encourage all the sports enthusiasts (but not only!) to take part in the competition, and we wish you good luck!

Translated by Tomasz Szatkowski within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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