• January 26, 2015
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Eišiškės reprimanded again by a representative of the Lithuanian government

Audrius Skaistys, a representative of the Lithuanian government in the Vilnius region, again asked a court to investigate a case of bilingual street names in the Šalčininkai (in Polish: Soleczniki) region. Skaistys claims that despite assurances made by authorities of this region, there are still five streets in Eišiškės (in Polish: Ejszyszki) named not only in Lithuanian, but also in Polish.

In autumn 2014, the authorities of the Šalčininkai region named streets in accordance with a regulation issued in March 2014 by the Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania. On the basis of this regulation, street names are written only in Lithuanian and placed at both ends of a street. Then the representative of the Lithuanian government in the Vilnius region stated that the court’s  decision on removing non-Lithuanian street names was successfully implemented.

Now Audrius Skaistys claims that an administrative director of the Šalčininkai region has not met fully the requirements set in the regulation. The ‘illlegal’ street names are still placed on homes located at Mokyklos, Raubiškių, Gėlių, Naujojo plano and Sodų streets in Eišiškės. The representative of the government brought this case to the Vilnius Regional Administrative Court.

On Monday, the 26th of January, the administrative director of the Šalčininkai, Józef Rybak, asked the court to postpone the investigation of this case until the 9th of March. He obliged to name the abovementioned streets in accordance with the regulation until this day.

Translated by Joanna Stępińska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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