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She was reprimanded because she was absent at work… during her leave

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–          The authority from Trok Region are looking for a reason to lay me off and every reason is good. Even so absurd like this one – said, Anna Ingielewicz, local government officer in Polish administration of Troki Commune.

The authority from Troki do not stop in harassing local government representatives, who are from EAP in Lithuania. A month ago, L24 website wrote about psychological harassment of Maria Pucz, councillor from EAP by a new coalition. It is worth recalling that it was possible after an event on 31st January 2013 when the authority changed on the session of Local Council of Troki Region. The representatives of EAP were dismissed in Lithuania and Union of Liberals and Central.

Vincasa Kapočiusa, the mayor who perform the role for many years, was dismissed and his position was taken up by Vytautas Zalieckas, the social democrat. The interpellation social democrats, conservatives and Labour Party dismissed also representatives from Electoral Action of Poles – Teresa Sołowjowa, the mayor deputy, Irena Narkiewicz, assistant deputy of administration and Alona Galdilina, the mayor adviser.

New coalition members do not forget about officers, who are not politicians but who sympathize with EAP. This time they have it in for Anna Angielewicz, the local government officer in Polish administration of Troki Community. Unfortunately, it is not so easy, as she does not drink, she does not lead immoral way of life and she does her duties quite well. So they wait chance and it almost fall straight from heaven. It rather flew out beehive.

“Bees – the Redeemer”

The hosts of 4 (generally dozen or more) private homesteads on Pakalnės Street in Old Troki have beehives. Each of them have 3 or 4 beehives to savour honey (medicine on many ills) and by the way, sell it to others. Supposedly it’s good but other inhabitants of Pakalnės Street always have problems with bees. In the summer, during gathering honey, every bee tends to protect its belongings and especially a south breed (this breed is on the street – edit.) of bees are very dangerous. Bites are the most dangerous to allergic people.

It also happens on Pakalnės Street. The occupants of nearby houses are often attacked by bees. There is the time when it is dangerous to be on the street, especially near “perilous” hives.

The victims started to make complaints about the hosts who have hives. There were a few incidents which caused complaints – it started in 2010. In all cases, Local Government Commissions, which started its work to research the reasons of bees’ attacks. They stated that the owners of the hives did not follow rules of having bees in Troki Region. According to the rules, which were mentioned before, it is obligatory for bees owners to fence their property with fence and hedge of two meters height. What’s more, only one hive may be set on a ground of 1 are. The people were punished with fines and they were obliged to eliminate the disturbance that are the reason of infringement of rules.

She is on leave? We do not care about it.

The recent unpleasant situation took place on the beginning of September 2013. At that moment, dangerous bees seriously bite Renata Žemaitienė, the occupant of one of the houses on Pakalnės Street. She was bitten so seriously that she was at hospital and she had been on a drip for two days.

It may be cynical but the new  coalition members were glad about the situation. It was a good chance to dismiss the local government officer of Polish administration. And it does not matter that she was on a leave at that time.

–          I was not in Lithuania then! – The local government officer of Polish administration cannot stop laughing.

At the end of October, the commission brought to examine circumstances of the last incident, claimed that Anna Ingielewicz committed an official offence, as she neglected her duties of ensuring security to the inhabitants of Old Troki. It caused the serious bite.

It is true that the commission obliged owners of hives to follow rules connected with having bees or moving all hives in another place till 1st March 2014. However, Ingielewicz claims that the people do not care about such warnings. They say they will pay a fine but they are not going to move the hives. The problem is that the local government officer of Polish administration is not omnipotent and this person does not have the entitlement to curb beekeepers.

She appeals against the absurd

On 18th November 2013, Local Government Commission punished Ingielewicz with a reprimand for neglecting her duties… during her leave. It was noted in her personal act.

–          I’m going to appeal against the judgement. I can’t understand how it is possible to punish a worker for neglecting duties when he/she is on leave – A. Ingielewicz is surprised.

Source: http://www.l24.lt/pl/spoleczenstwo/item/21867-nalozono-nagane-bo-nie-byla-w-pracy-podczas-urlopu

Tłumaczenie by Anna Kwiatkowska w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by Anna Kwiatkowska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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