• November 15, 2013
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Little Patriots, or I love Poland since kindergarten!

Posłanka na Sejm RL R.Tamašunienė dziękowała za pracę, wychowanie najmłodszych obywateli Litwy i Polaków, patriotów swojej Ojczyzny

On November 11, a solemn appeal took place in the kindergarten in Maišiagala on the occasion of Polish National Independence Day. An interesting scenography, the hall decorated in white and red, festive outfits added splendour to this ceremony that attracted many guests.

A Member of Parliament and Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania – Rita Tamašunienė, the Starost of Maišiagala – Stefan Orszewski, the Deputy Starost and the President of Maišiagala Community – Andrzej Adomajtis, the headmaster of ‘Płomyczek’ Nursery in Eišiškės – Halina Antropik together with educators, parents and friends honored the ceremony with their presence.

In this year, after singing the national anthem, children from the “Krasnoludki” group presented a verbal and musical patriotic performance prepared by R. Starenkienė and E. Staniulionienė.

A solemn atmosphere was introduced by reading a poem by L. Bukowska “Polska ojczyzna mego ducha” and beautiful patriotic song “Cieszy się serduszko”. Thanks to staging “Przybyli ułanie pod okienko” children reminded the audience the story of Uhlan songs. And, of course, a Polish national dance, the polonaise, was danced.

By cultivating national festivals the little ones learn patriotism, form a positive attitude and patriotic feelings, get to know national symbols. As every year, pupils passed their exams from history and proved that not only do they have an enormous knowledge about Poland, but also that they love her very much.

“Thank you very much for the work that you put in bringing up the youngest citizens of Lithuania and Poles – patriots of their Motherland”said a member of parliament R. Tamašunienė. At the end of the patriotic meeting, parents, children and guests were invited to a cemetery in Maišiagala to lay bouquets and light candles for killed soldiers and thus show respect and remembrance.

At noon, at Rasos Cemetery, children, together with the headmaster of Nursery in Maišiagala – I. M. Matwiejko, paid tribute to great patriot Marshal Józef Piłsudski.

Source: http://kurierwilenski.lt/2013/11/15/mali-patrioci-czyli-kocham-polske-od-przedszkola/

Tłumaczenie by Sara Howicka w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by Sara Howicka within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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