• September 5, 2011
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Polish Community about the situation of Polish education

In its position sent to Polish Press Agency, the Polish Community Association expresses opinion that the decisions of the Lithuanian authorities, which aggravate the situation of Polish minority in Lithuania, are inappropriate in the light of existing EU rules.

“The school strike in Lithuania is an expression of serious, real concerns of students and parents about the future of Polish education in Lithuania, about the future of the Polish language in the Lithuanian education system, and finally about the future of the Polish minority in this country” – we can read in the statement of the Polish Community, signed by the President of the Association, Longin Komołowski.

“The systematic reduction of the rank in teaching of Polish language and reducing the number of Polish schools suggest that these fears are not groundless” – we can read further in the statement.

According to the Association, “past experience shows that government policy towards the Polish minority in Lithuania is consistently reluctant and in spite of repeated assurances and promises it leads to restrictions of the rights of Poles in Lithuania, that they acquired previously.”

Recognizing that it is unacceptable to interference in internal affairs of another country, the Polish Community stresses that “in light of the rules adopted by the countries of the European Union, any authority’s decisions which aggravate the situation of the Polish minority are inappropriate, and as such should certainly be considered the favoritism of Lithuanian schools at the expense of national minorities’ schools”.

The statement also reminds that the Polish Community in cooperation with the Polish Senate for many years has provided assistance to Polish schools in Lithuania, ‘it renovates and builds the schools, develops computerization and implements many programs for students and teachers”.

“We believe the present situation in Lithuania requires that such aid, implemented through NGOs, should be significantly increased. Only those kind of actions can compensate the moves of Lithuanian authorities aimed at reducing the social rank of teaching in Polish”- we can read in the statement.

“Regardless of which concept of the aid will be accepted, we should not allow a situation in which the Poles in Lithuania feel abandoned by their country” – highlights the Polish Community in the statement.



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