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Electoral Commission: More than 1.1 million votes of support are needed to introduce multiple citizenship

More than 1.1 million votes in favor of the constitutional amendment would be needed to legalize multiple citizenship, said MP Dalia Asanavičiūtė, citing estimates by the election supervision commission. “The
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Situation of Polish schools and education in countries involved in #KtoTyJesteś campaign

According to estimates, over 150,000 pupils are educated in Polish schools outside Poland.  In Lithuania, there are 76 schools and 84 kindergartens and kindergarten groups, in the Czech Republic –
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Balcewicz: What happened to 100,000 Poles?

In the 1989 census, 257,944 Lithuanian citizens declared Polish nationality. Meanwhile, the Department of Statistics claims that at the beginning of 2019, only 156,463 qualified as Poles. In the last
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Marshal Karczewski: the Polish Diaspora Consultative Council will represent all the communities

The members of the Polish Diaspora Consultative Council will be known by September the 5th. We want them to represent all of the Polish diaspora communities, told PAP the Senate
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A challenge for the Senate in 2016 – three bills concerning the Polish diaspora

As the Polish Press Agency reports, Stanisław Karczewski, the Marshal of the Senate of the Republic of Poland, promised that in 2016 the Senate would be more active. Karczewski assured
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