<span>Lithuanian-Ukrainian relations</span>


Concert “Vilnius for Ukraine”

On March 4, in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, a concert by artists from the Vilnius region entitled “Vilnius for Ukraine” was held. The idea of organizing a joint
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Celebrations of March 11 in Vilnius [Gallery]

Lithuania celebrates the anniversary of the signing of the Act of Restoration of the Lithuanian State. In 1990, the Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania declared that Lithuania was
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Lithuania and The World Support Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues. Lithuania’s position is that sanctions against Russia must be maintained until the situation in Russia itself changes. However, our country does not intend to cut
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Initiative of Solidarity with Ukraine: May Each Stinger Reach Its Target

Russian aggression in Ukraine has caused not only an immediate reaction from Lithuanian politicians but also from ordinary citizens. On Thursday evening (February 24), a rally of thousands took place
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Lithuanian Poles Stand in Solidarity with Ukraine

Lithuanian Poles have condemned Russian aggression in Ukraine. On February 24, when Russia attacked Ukraine in the morning, a number of Polish organizations in Lithuania issued special statements. Vilnius and
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