“People remember”. The celebration of Anna Krepsztul’s name day

The Museum of Anna Krepsztul in Tabariškės invites visitors to the meeting about this painter and creator of folk on Friday at 2 p.m. “Every year, big parties take place… Read more »

Jews feel well in Lithuania

The Head of the Lithuanian Jewish Community Faina Kukliansky says that Jews in Lithuania did not feel discriminated against and would not complain to Ira Forman, who is a U.S…. Read more »

Two secondary schools in Jaszczuny acquired the gymnasium status

Two gymnasiums will be open in Jaszczuny in the Šalčininkai region since the beginning of the 2014/2015 school year. Michał Baliński Secondary School, at which Polish is the language of… Read more »

„We are trying to maintain our level and to still be in the lead”. “Wilia” on an international festival

A Polish Song and Dance Ensemble „Wilia” set off to Rzeszów tonight, where the 16th World Festival of Folk Ensembles of Polish Diaspora will take place. „Since 1989 „Wilia” participates… Read more »

Teachers from the Soleczniki region at the ”Teacher- a Guide to Polishness ” workshops

Teachers and headmasters of the Polish schools within the Soleczniki region have participated in yet another meeting constituting a part of specialised workshops entitled ”Teacher- a Guide to Polishness”. The… Read more »

Vladislav Kondratovič – the Deputy Minister of Communication

Vladislav Kondratovič, seconded by AWPL, will continue to be the Deputy Minister of Communication. He will start to perform duties from tomorrow. None of three deputy ministers of the Minister… Read more »

EAPL defends its undersecretaries to the last one

The process of formation of the new government is underway. The secretaries sworn in last week will finish the picking of their number twos this week.  The Electoral Action of… Read more »

The Pilgrim Route of John Paul II to be created

The Lithuanian government is planning to resume works on creating the Pilgrim Route of John Paul II in Lithuania. The programme for 2014-2022 approved at a cabinet meeting includes renovation… Read more »

14th Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania and Association of Poles in Lithuania Family Tourist Gathering

That weekend, 14th EAPL and APL Family Tourist Gathering was held by the beautiful Lake Asveja in Bieliškės, Sužionių eldership. On Saturday, the host of the opening ceremony of the… Read more »

Two schools in Jašiūnai receive a gymnasium status

Another two schools in the Šalčininkai District Municipality have received a gymnasium status: Mykolas Balinskis Secondary School, which offers a learning program in Polish, and Lithuanian“Aušros” Secondary School. In May,… Read more »

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