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„At least one day of their holidays was special”. Tour with Filantropia Plus

Charitable organization Filantropia Plus together with the Department of Children’s Rights Protection from the local government in Vilnius treated their wards with the unforgettable beginning of holidays. Fifty kids from
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The European Commission recquires explanations regarding the Lithuanian language. Cytacka’s husband has sued Lithuania in

Husband of the vice-minister of energy Renata Cytacka and Polish citizen-Mariusz  Cezary Cytacki, currently employed by the Vilnius Region Local Government, has issued a complaint to the European Commission for
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The Government will start the regional developmnent from the Vilnius Region?

”The economic regional growth constitutes the underlying condition for any further improvements in Lithuania”- such was the message of the PM Algirdas Butkevicius who, yesterday on July 8th , visited
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Discussion on regional development involving Prime Minister in Šalčininkai region

Today the Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius is visiting the Šalčininkai region. Together with the Mayor of Šalčininkai District Municipality Zdzisław Palewicz and the Mayor of Vilnius District Municipality Maria Rekść
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Józef Rybak: I will not struggle against the mother-tounge

As he was appointed for the new position, Józef Rybak, the new director of administration of Šalčininkai region’s self-government, has received so called inheritance in the form of the fine
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II pilgrimage from Turgiele to Miejszagoła

The local government of Vilnius region is the organizer of II Pilgrimage ‘Christ, reign over us always and wherever’ from Turgiele to Miejszagoła. The pilgrimage will take place from 13
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