LLRA MPs voted for the program of the Government

Photo by Marian Paluszkiewicz

The Lithuanian Parliament approved the program of 17. Government of Saulius Skvernelis. The document was approved by 86 MPs, against it was 3 parliamentarians, 40 MPs abstained from voting.

MPs from Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania in Lithuanian parliament supported the program unanimously.

Rita Tamašunienė, the MP for the Parliament of the Lithuanian Republic, starost of the parliamentary political faction LLRA, explained why the document has her club’s support.

“Firstly, in Government’s program clearly declared the return to vision of Europe based on the values of Christian humanism and building of Europe of the strong nations”- stated MP Rita Tamašunienė.

Another cause is the fact that there is a focus on family aspect in the document, since one of the main directions of LLRA activity is pro-family policy. The MP thinks that in order to solve problems with which families in Lithuania struggle, actions performed by family themselves and those who surround them are simply not enough anymore. Those problems, spots parliamentarian, are exacerbated by emigration, population decline. “Very often a child is a luxury. All those problems are the results of wrong view of the former Government on a family”- she commented.

“Government’s program is aimed at strengthening family and minimizing the social exclusion, increasing incomes of people who earn the least, it is expected to pay more attention to regions. Program depicts respect for the life and for the human, striving for economic harmony is included- as well the individual as the social one. Program consists of many assumptions similar to the electoral program of LLRA, especially in the field of the fight with the social exclusion, policy of strengthening family and solving demographical problems”- explains the MP.

MP informed that new authorities during meeting with LLRA party assured that the Government’s program will be realised.

“As you may know, we wish for more concrete and brief plan of actions, however, during meetings with the Prime Minister and ministers parliamentary faction LLRA has been assured that the new Government will be realising the program in a determined way and will map out the plan of activity. Children benefit, better retirement benefit and salaries is to occur gradually. For now this is the only solution for problems with which our country is struggling for years, and we hope for activities for building the consensual Lithuania”- emphasised Rita Tamašunienė.

Source: http://l24.lt/pl/polityka/item/163092-poslowie-awpl-zchr-poparli-program-rzadu

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