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Who will listen to the scientists

Last week (6 June 2015) the scientific conference on the problems of Poles living in Lithuania took place in the Mykolas Romeris University. The scientists from the University’s Institute of… Read more »

Vice-Minister delegated by AWPL on the President’s blacklist

The so-called “STT’s [Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania] blacklist” contains names of 9 vice-ministers from 5 ministries, TV3 reports. The list includes the names of all four… Read more »

Commemorative plaque in memory of the Tyszkiewicz family displayed in Trakų Vokė

Countess Anna Janina Maria Tyszkiewiczowa, née Radziwiłłówna, a wife of the last owner of the Trakų Vokė (Waka Trocka) estate, Jan Michał Tyszkiewicz, was honoured with a commemorative plaque on… Read more »

Poles to protest against the financial harassment of ethnic minorities

Wileński Rejonowy Oddział Związku Polaków na Litwie (The Vilnius District Branch of the Association of Poles in Lithuania) is organizing a picket in front of the German embassy in Vilnius… Read more »

A Polish secondary school graduate put her Lithuanian peers to shame: A response to the claim that “We’re all going to pass the exam, after all, we’re not Poles.”

After reading several articles criticizing the matura exam, I decided to express my opinion on the subject. I’m a secondary school graduate of Polish descent and I’ve graduated from a… Read more »

Beside Tomaszewski, Poles support Uspaskich and Paksas

A poll conducted by the Institute of Political Sciences at the Mykolas Romeris University shows that a vast majority of Poles based in Lithuania votes for and supports AWPL (Electoral… Read more »

Kubilius afraid that Tomaszewski will be chosen for the mayor of Vilnius

The Lithuanian opposition leader Andrius Kubilius criticized the amendments regarding direct mayoral elections, which had been initiated by the Social Democrats. He disapproved of these amendments because, according to him,… Read more »

Invitation to study Polish language in Lithuania

The Center of Polish Language, Culture and Didactics at Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences (lit: Lietuvos edukologijos universitetas or LEU)invites on Polish philology studies. The Center offers: 4-year studies that… Read more »

Another time when someone is punished for Polish- Lithuanian street names

Today, the Regional Court of Vilnius City adjudicated that Lucyna Kotłowska, the Director of Local Administration of the Vilnius Region, has to pay another fine for address plaques with Lithuanian-Polish… Read more »

12th Days of Polish Studies at Vilnius University

Academic life consists not only of courses, seminars, and exams, but also of intellectually stimulating leisure activities. One of them are Days of Polish Studies that for twelve years have… Read more »

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