List/Grid Monthly Archives: June 2014

19th “Polish Children at Polish Schools” Conference

Many guests came to the 19 “Polish Children at Polish Schools” Conference held at Dom Kultury Polskiej (Polish Cultural Centre) in Vilnius, including teachers, representatives of local governments, and social… Read more »

The new Director of Administration inherited fines for bilingual street signs

The newly appointed Director of Administration at Šalčininkai District Municipality, Józef Rybak, inherited horrendous fines for failure to implement a court ruling to remove bilingual Lithuanian-Polish street signs off private… Read more »

Jarosław Narkiewicz: „Lithuanian language protection” is to cover the negative effects of the introduction of the euro in 2015, indeed?

The statement of Jarosław Narkiewicz, the vice chairman of the parliament, was delivered in the behalf of the AWPL fraction during parliament plenary session at 19thjune 2014. Dear Members of… Read more »

Poles appeal to Germans to protect rights of national minorities

Yesterday, on June 25th several hundred Lithuanian Poles and representatives of other national minorities picketed outside the German Embassy in Vilnius. They appealed to the German authorities and the Chancellor… Read more »

“There’s no language, nationality, or colour barrier here.”: Road race event for the 10th anniversary of Lithuania and Poland joining the EU

As we already announced, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Vilnius are organising a road race event… Read more »

Polish child- in a Polish school in Lithuania

Role of the Polish school in a multilingual environment, convincing the parents to accept the Polish educational facility, competitiveness of school providing one’s mother tongue, problems connected with the so-called… Read more »

Aleksander Srebrakowski: I do not know whether the opinion about autonomy makes sense

Poles in Lithuania did not organize hit squads, furthermore they were continuously underlining their desire to form the autonomy within Lithuania, but not detaching from the republic, said to… Read more »

‘They, similarly to soldiers, died with a Polish eagle on the cap’. Searching for tombs of before-war policemen in Kresy

The Association of Care for Tombs of Policemen on the East, headquartered in Warsaw, asks for help in searching for graves of policemen of the II RP on the territory… Read more »

Ministry of Education and Science: It is impossible to provide education in a minority language for one student only

Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania claims that education in a minority language can be provided for students of nationality using the particular language only if… Read more »

The draft Law on National Minorities prepared by the conservatives

The Seimas Human Rights Committee approved changes proposed by the conservatives to their draft Law on National Minorities. According to their draft, the use of bilingual street and town names… Read more »

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