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MONOWschód: Polish theatrical festival in Lithuania. Let’s get to know theatres.

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Polish Theatrical Studio in Vilnius would like to invite all people who are interested and who love theatre , to International Polish Festival of Perforamances “MONOWschód I”, which will take place on 23-25 November, 2012.

Polish Theatre of J.I.Kraszewski

It is one of the oldest Polish theaters in Ukraine, which has been reopened after many years. The opening performance revealed many friends and theatre lovers in Ukraine. On the Theatre’s website, there is some information concerning cultural life in Żytomierz, but also some other things. There is also Polish Theatrical Study working within the Theatre, which educates next generations of Polish actors. Classes are conducted by qualified and experienced teachers.

There are two shows scheduled.

A monodrama of a young Russian writer, Włodzimierz Zujew, “Childlish world”

Directed by: Mikołaj Worfołomiejew
Performed by: Julia Słowińska

On the stage, actors perform a monodrama, which was highly non-normative. The show had been chosen as to interest as many people as possible.

The leading topic is the one of an abortion which in the Ukrainian society is a current problem. The performance deals with a young woman’s problem who while being in a relationship wit a man, forgets what her biological obligation is.

Performing adoption is not only a murder but also a cause of many psychological irresolutions. The purpose of this show is to make women aware of their role and warn them against making decisions they will regret in the future. The monodrama is specifically directed towards young people of this generation, for whom the problem of abortion is a current issue.

 „A pair of shoes”
Jarosław Sparażyński
Directed by: Mikołaj Worfołomiejew
Anastazja Worfołomiejewa

Polish Folk Theatre in Lvov

The theatre was established between 1957-1958 in Lvov, which was initiated by a retired Polish teacher, violinist, a great lover of Polish literature and theatre- Piotr Hausvater.
Thefirst performancetook place on 19 April in Polish School no10 in Lvov.

Piotr Hausvater gathered Polish youth, especially Polish schools’ graduates. First reherals would take place in Piotr Hausvater’s house. After his death, the group is managed by Zbigniew Chrzanowski, a professional director, who in 1966 graduated from Theatrical School of Moscow working within the Theatre of Wachtangow.

Nowadays, the Theatre is a place which includes groups of professionals as well as amateurs, mainly Poles, but also Ukrainians and Russians who live in Lvov, also some people who are professionally involved in culture- compositors, artists, choreographers. There have been over 60 premiers, 800 performances, also in Poland, England, Sweden. The Theater is a place which still keeps Polish culture alive in those territories which have been taken away after World War II.

„From captivity”

A monodrama based on Beata Obertyńka’s memories and poems.

Directed by: Zbigniew Chrzanowski
Light and sound: Ireneusz Kolaszko
Performing: Elżbieta Lewak


23rd November
3:00pm- The opening of photograph exibition- Polish Community Center in Vilnius- admission free.

3:30pm- Gabriela Wasilauskaite’s concert – a restaurant in Polish Community Center in Vilnius- admission with invites

6:00pm- „Dolls, my Littre Sisters”, Polish Theatrical Studio in Vilnius (Lithuania), Public Small Theatre in Vilnius (22 Giedymin’s Alley)- tickets can be purchuased at Bilietai.lt

24th November
3:00pm „Childlish world” (adults only), J.I.Kraszewski’s Theatre in Żytomierz (Ukraine), Youth Centre in Lithuania  (alley of  Konstytucja 25) – Tickets purchase:   +37065264613
06:00pm „P.S. (Flea-Szachrajka)”, Polish Theatre of Eugeniusz Ławreńczuk in Moscow (Russia), Community Centre in Soleczniki – Tickets purchase  +37038034061
7:30pm „From Captivity”, Polish Folk Theatre in Lvov (Ukraine), Youth Centre in Lithuania (alley of  Konstytucja 25) – Tickets purchase:  +37065264613

25th November
3:00pm „P.S. (.S. (Flea-Szachrajka)”, Polish Theatre of Eugeniusz Ławreńczuk in Moscow (Russia), Public Small Theatre in Vilnius (alley of Giedymina 22) – Tickets purchase at: Bilietai.lt
04:00pm „A pair of shoes” (a show for children), J.I.Kraszewski’s Theatre in Żytomierz (Ukraine), Community Centre in Troki (Witolda 69 Street, Troki) – Admission free
06:00pm „An acor is an acor…who…actor”, Capitol Theatre in Warsaw (Poland), Public Small Theatre in Vilnius (alley of Giedymina 22) – Tickets purchase at: Bilietai.lt

26th November
10:00 am „Para butów” „A pair of shoes” (a show for children), J.I.Kraszewski’s Theatre in Żytomierz (Ukraine),  Polish Community Centre in Vilnius – Tickets purchase:  +37065264613

Source: http://pl.delfi.lt/kultura/kultura/monowschod-polski-festiwal-teatralny-na-litwie.d?id=59943095

Tłumaczenie Emilia Borkowska w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by Emilia Borkowska the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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