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TV series with Joanna Moro is already on

Since Monday “Perwyj baltiskij kanał” has started to emit the serial entitled “Anna German. The Mystery of the White Angel”. The main role was  played by the Polish woman coming… Read more »

It’s time for school!

Today, 1035 first-grade students began their education in schools with Polish as their language of instruction in Lithuania. Every child got a good-luck present, namely a rucksack with all school… Read more »

First ring bell in High school of Ferdynand Ruszczyc.

­ High school of Frdynad Ruszczyca welcomed new school year by 31 polish 1st grades and fifth Russian yesterday in high school of Ferdynad Ruszczyc in Rudomin in a Vilnius… Read more »

Syrokomlowka welcomed new school year.

­Please stand at attention, banner of the school is coming. This is how started Regina Lewicka Vice director of Vilnius’ high school new school year. Welcoming was started in amphitheater… Read more »

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