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Immediate response of Poland: Statement of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning the possible departure of AWPL from the government coalition.

In response to speculations which appeared in some media in Lithuania, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to inform you that the participation of the Electoral Action of Poles… Read more »

Jarosław Niewierowicz: AWPL will have to justify themselves to their constituents

The former Minister of Energy Jarosław Niewierowicz tried to convince the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania (AWPL) not to appoint Renata Cytacka the Deputy Minister of Energy, but to… Read more »

Political scientists on the role of AWPL in the future

Political scientists’ opinions on the further role of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania (AWPL) differ. Some believe that the party will become an informal ally of the government… Read more »

Tomaszewski sees Niewierowicz as the mayor of Vilnius

Leader of the Lithuanian Poles Electoral Action( AWPL) said that he has not yet managed to convince the former minister of energetics to partake in elections aimed at choosing the… Read more »

Haszczyński: the Lithuanian lesson

The party of Polish minority is no longer in the government of Lithuania. This means that the another way of solving problems that Poles face in this country ran out…. Read more »

EAPL leaves the coalition: “Honesty – above all”

The representatives of the EAPL stated that they cannot allow the largest parties to decide about whom the EAPL should delegate to be the secretary or undersecretary, the EAPL will… Read more »

Šarūnas Birutis: Law on national minorities depends on participation of AWPL in the government coalition

The Lithuanian Minister of Culture Šarūnas Birutis believes that the future of the Law on national minorities is connected with the discussion about the government coalition with or without the… Read more »

Butkevičius: the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania wants to spread chaos

The Prime Minister of Lithuania Algirdas Butkevičius does not understand what is the purpose of some action of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania “We have the information from… Read more »

Narkiewicz: There has been no criticism about our work

Deputy Chairman of the Seimas, Jarosław Narkiewicz, declared that AWPL will again propose Jarosław Niewierowicz for the position of the Minister of Energetics of the Republic of Lithuania. In the… Read more »

AWPL does not exclude Niewierowicz’s return

Renata Cytacka’s appointment for the post of vice-minister of energtics has led to the recently biggest political crisis.Minister of energetics Jarosław Niewierowicz, who has already signed this nomination, on the… Read more »

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