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EAPL raises in popularity

Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania (EAPL) raises in popularity after its success in the election. According to the poll published today by Spinter Research, if the parliamentary election was… Read more »

Will the undersecretary save the coalition?

„A real man can be recognised not by how he begins but by how he finishes” said Leszek Miller, a Polish politician some time ago which later became a famous… Read more »

Tamosiunaite and Trusewicz have applied for dismissal

The list of employees appealing for has been extended by four vice-ministers of education and three vice-ministers of culture. Among them, there are the representatives of the Polish Election Action… Read more »

Ministries have ” come clear”. Tamosiunaite, Trusewicz, Kondratowicz i Poczykowska have applied for dismissal. Cytacka as the only one left

The number of vice-ministers who have applied for dismissal is still on the increase. Among them there are AWPL delegates vice-minister of  education Edita Tamosiunaite, vice-minister of culture Edward Trusewicz… Read more »

Delegation of Members: National and Ethnic Minorities Act is a blackmail by AWPL

On Thursday, Parliament will continue to consider National and Ethnic Minorities Act that was harshly criticized by some Members. Amongst opponents were not only representatives of Conservatives and politicians supporting… Read more »

Mass resignation of ministers

After the government’s decision to dismiss all deputies, they should of their own wills hand in their resignations, stated government officials.  On Tuesday was officially announced that on Friday three… Read more »

‘The National Army, is a jewel in the history of the Polish nation,’. Celebration of the 70. anniversary of the operation” the gates of dawn ”

Singing the Anthem of Łagierniki at the Rossa inVilnius, at the mausoleum of the Mother and Son Heart today (July 6) afternoon started the grand celebration of the 70. anniversary… Read more »

EAPL ripostes on critics

The majority of Lithuanian portals zealously comment on a statement made by marshal of the Senate of Poland Bogdan Borusewicz in which, according to them, he criticized the chairman of… Read more »

Government of agriculture to be criticized

On Wednesday was arranged a meeting between the president Dalia Grybauskaitė and the leader of the agriculture department Vigilijus Jukna, during which the president underlined that the Ministry of Agriculture… Read more »

Lithuanian political scientists: it is a bad time to adopt laws on national minorities

National minorities organize pickets again – the first protest in a long time took place on Wednesday outside the German Embassy. Meanwhile, adopting laws on national minorities and on spelling… Read more »

Jarosław Narkiewicz: „Lithuanian language protection” is to cover the negative effects of the introduction of the euro in 2015, indeed?

The statement of Jarosław Narkiewicz, the vice chairman of the parliament, was delivered in the behalf of the AWPL fraction during parliament plenary session at 19thjune 2014. Dear Members of… Read more »

Poles appeal to Germans to protect rights of national minorities

Yesterday, on June 25th several hundred Lithuanian Poles and representatives of other national minorities picketed outside the German Embassy in Vilnius. They appealed to the German authorities and the Chancellor… Read more »

National minorities in Lithuania deceived again

National minorities in Lithuania, including Polish minority, felt disappointed again. As we have already informed, today the Lithuanian Seimas was supposed to consider two drafts of the Law on Spelling… Read more »

Waldemar Tomaszewski: the old act about national minorities will come back soon

The leader of Akcja Wyborcza Polaków na Litwie Waldemar Tomaszewski declared that the Political Committee of the ruling coalition agreed that before the end of the spring session they will… Read more »

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