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Proceedings of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania (AWPL)in the Šalčininkai District Municipality

Local government’s seat in the Šalčininkai District Municipality held an electoral conference of the Šalčininkai’s department of the AWPL. Eurodeputy and president of the AWPL, Waldemar Tomaszewski highlighted during the… Read more »

The AWPL advertising in the Russian media financed entirely by the state

On Tuesday the Central Electoral Commission announced a summary financial statement of the local government election – the statement of the income, expenditure, and debt of the parties pertaining to… Read more »

“Żółw” against Šimašius

I reacted to the voting of Vilnian local councillors about the accreditation for the Lelewel school with great disappointment. The biggest, and, what’s worse, an unpleasant shock for me was… Read more »

Winning streak of Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania and its leader

The Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania and its leader, Waldemar Tomaszewski, are currently on a winning streak. In the last local government elections, the Electoral Action of Poles in… Read more »

Artur Zapolski: ‘I do not understand Jarosław Narkiewicz’s objections’.

According to Artur Zapolski, the president of the Polish Debating Club, it is not easy to grasp the gist of objections made by Jarosław Narkiewicz, the vice-leader of the Lithuanian… Read more »

Poles in local governments in Lithuania: without major changes?

The next local government elections, for the first time involving electoral committees and the first direct elections for the position of mayor, open a new chapter in the history of… Read more »

Waldemar Tomaszewski: the increasing voters’ support is the result of the honest work

The increasing voters’ support of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania and the Russian Alliance “Tomaszewski’s Bloc” coalition is the result of the honest work – assessed the leader… Read more »

Local government elections: Poles constituted more than 4% of the total number of candidates

The Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Lithuania revealed the data about the candidates who took part in this year’s local government elections. The data shows that Poles constituted… Read more »

The electoral convention of the Vilnius branch of AWPL

In the Polish Culture Centre in Vilnius, there was held  the convention of the Electoral Action of Poles (Akcja Wyborcza Polaków na Litwie; AWPL) in Lithuania during which the particular… Read more »

The surname “Tomaszewski” remains in Šalčininkai. The Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Lithuania rejected the complaint filed by social democrats.

The Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Lithuania rejected the complaint filed by Šalčininka social democrats, and the name of the Coalition of the Electoral Action of Poles in… Read more »

Social Democrats of the city Šalčininkai challenged the name “Waldemar Tomaszewski’s Block”

The Social Democrats Šalčininkai district in the Central Election Commission challenged the decision of the local election commission on registration in the local elections coalition called “Coalition Electoral Action of… Read more »

Rafael Muksinov elaborates on ethnic minorities, phobies and prejudices

‘I would like to make a kind of sensational declaration and to admit openly that I am an agent and member of the ‘fifth column’, announced a doctor of social… Read more »

Waldemar Tomaszewski: We should become a power to be reckoned with

“My running in the election for the position of Vilnius Mayor is necessary for the realization of the idea of a broad alliance between ethnic minorities. People identify me with this movement,… Read more »

Ban on the usage of “Tomaszewski” surname

Akcja Wyborcza Polaków na Litwie (Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania) complains about the obstacles preceding the local government elections. One of the obstacles concerns the ban on the usage… Read more »

About Vilnius and the prospects of its development in the Polish Debate Club

The upcoming municipal elections, especially the first direct election of Mayors, stimulate heated discussions in Lithuania. The struggle for the position of the capital leader is indeed the most thrilling… Read more »

Tomaszewski sees Niewierowicz as the mayor of Vilnius

Leader of the Lithuanian Poles Electoral Action( AWPL) said that he has not yet managed to convince the former minister of energetics to partake in elections aimed at choosing the… Read more »

A Pole as the Mayor of Vilnius, everything is possible. The parliament put into effect the direct election of mayors

After the ten years long discussion about direct election of mayors the parliament finally put them into effect. After having signed the act by the President of Lithuania, the direct… Read more »

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