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Vilnius young people by running commemorated “Soldiers accursed”

March 1st is celebrated in Poland’s National Day of Remembrance “Soldiers accursed.” The memory of these soldiers, for whom the war is not over on 8 May 1945, also celebrated… Read more »

Vilnius Emergency Medical Services during the interwar period (2)

The Vilnius Emergency Medical Services was founded in December 1902. It was the 5th EMS in Poland – established after the ones from Kraków (1891), Lwów (1893), Warsaw (1897) and… Read more »

Žilvinas Radavičius appeals to the government to help with the restoration of the organs in the St. Bernard Church

The community activist, historian, and educationist, Žilvinas Radavičius, wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius with the request to receive state funds for the renovation of the… Read more »

Vilnius Emergency Medical Services during the interwar period (1)

A man had an epilepsy seizure, he felt on the street located by Skopiówka. There were many spectators, but someone shouted that instead of observing one should call for ambulance…. Read more »

The competition devoted to the quarter-century of the existence of KS Polonia Wilno (FK Polonija Vilnius)

In 2015, the sports club Polonia Wilno, as the beneficiary and the continuator of the activity of its predecessor – The Polish Sports Club in Lithuania “Polonia”, organizes the celebration… Read more »

Let us remember the heroes of AK (The Home Army)!

The Home Army – the strongest and the best organized underground army fighting for the sovereign Poland – marked its 73rd anniversary. Hundreds of thousands of young people stood up… Read more »

Walking the streets of Vilnius: little is left of the old Trocka street.

Today we are going back to the Vilnius Old Town. This time we will walk through Trocka (Trakų) street. It is barely 280 meters long which makes it one of… Read more »

Andrius Kubilius, the leader of the parliamentary opposition: I love Poland, but I do not love Tomaszewski

Almost two years ago, my former economic counsellor, Mykolas Majauskas, initiated in a youthful and romantic way a public internet campaign called “Kocham Polskę” (“I love Poland”). Surprisingly, it turned… Read more »

Stanisław Narutowicz – Polish-Lithuanian perfect knight (2)

Wiktoria Narutowicz heads to Lipawa (Liepāja) in order to secure the education of her sons. It is not far, even when we look at it from the perspective of the… Read more »

The 75th anniversary of the first massive deportation of Poles to Siberia

On the 10th of February 1940, the Soviet authorities conducted the first out of four massive deportations of the Polish citizens. According to different statistics, 140 to 250 thousand people… Read more »

Zuokas: Rasos Cemetery is to become a place that stimulates reflection

Restoring the Rasos Cemetery is the priority of the local government. The local government plans to strengthen the hill of the cemetery, renew the chapels, and install surveillance monitoring and… Read more »

People speaking Polish in Lithuania in 1923 and 2011

Here we have another two maps. This time, they present people speaking Polish excluding people for whom Polish is a native language. The website compared the places of residence… Read more »

Walking down the Vilnius streets: Pelczar – a figure worth commemorating

Several years ago, there appeared many new streets near the Santoryszki District of Vilnius. One of them was named after Kazimierz Pelczar – the great Polish oncologist, the professor of… Read more »

Poles in Lithuania in 1923 and 2011

We present you two maps concerning the places of residence of Polish minority in Lithuania in 1923 and 2011. The website compared the registers of citizens in 1923 and… Read more »

65 years ago died the father of Polish photography Jan Bułhak

The 4th of February is the 65th anniversary of the death of the famous photography artist referred to as “the father of Polish photography” Jan Bułhak. In the years 1912-1919… Read more »

The Polish Radio has been broadcasting for 90 years

On the 21st of February 1925, the Polish Society of Radio Engineering (in Polish: Polskie Towarzystwo Radiotechniczne – PTR) broadcast the first official radio programme. This event is considered the… Read more »

P.K. Brzostowski High School in Turgeliai – the next Polish high school

The next Polish school in Šalčininkai (in Polish: Soleczniki) region has been granted high school status. On Friday, the official inauguration of Paweł Ksawery Brzostowski High School in Turgeliai (in Polish: Turgiele)… Read more »

The Vilnius region: anniversaries of squandered opportunities

The Vilnius region: anniversaries of squandered opportunities On January 29 the Lithuanian Parliament, much to the surprise of many, passed a regulation on the rights of minorities which met a number… Read more »

Priest Tadeusz Krahel: I have devoted my whole scientific career to the Vilnius Diocese

Vilnius was the capital of the largest, in terms of area, diocese of Poland before partitions, and from 1925 the largest archdiocese of the second Republic. Priest Tadeusz Krahel, Polish… Read more »

Belarusians want to reactivate Belarusian Museum in Vilnius

The Belarusian community wants to reactivate Iwan Łuckiewicz’s Belarusian Museum in Vilnius. The institution operated from 1921 to 1945. It was the centre of social life of Vilnian Belarusians in… Read more »

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