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Faustina’s House will be given to the Church

 “I can’t imagine different solution. It is as simple as that. Faustina’s House ought to become the property of the Church” – said vice-mayor of Vilnius, Jarosław Kamiński, during his… Read more »

60 years of ‘Wilia’ – How did it all start?

It is like a river not only in name. Years flow by and those who passed through ‘Wilia’ nowadays surely number in thousands. During bigger events the scene take, together… Read more »

“My Wileńszczyzna and my Kresy” now in Vilnius

We are pleased to announce that our co-worker from Bydgoszcz, Krzysztof Jeremi Sidorkiewicz, has released his book “My Wileńszczyzna and my Kresy”. The book consists of the publications from Polish… Read more »

The March of the Living: Vilnius honors the victims of Holocaust

As part of the Holocaust Memorial Day, today Vilnius hosted the traditional March of the Living starting at the railway station and culminating at the Paneriai Memorial. The March was… Read more »

The history of Kraszewski Vilnius is now available in Lithuanian

The book by Józef Ignacy Kraszewski entitled „Vilnius from its beginning until 1750. Volume I” is now available in the Lithuanian bookshoops for the first time in Lithuanian language. For… Read more »

The victims of Katyń massacre and Smoleńsk catastrophy commemorated in Jałówka

The board commemorating the victims of Katyń massacre and Smoleńsk catastrophy was unveiled and consecrated today in st. Jan Bosko high school in Jałówka, located in Vilnius area. Moreover, the… Read more »

Test your knowledge about Polish sport in Lithuania

In 2015 Sport Club ‘Polonia’ Vilnius, as an heir and successor to the activities of its predecessor – Sport Club of the Polish in Lithuania ‘Polonia’, is organizing its 25th… Read more »

New tourist trails in Vilnius, Trakai and Kernavė

New tourist guides of Vilnius, Trakai and Kernavė were published, promoting bicycle, water and cultural tourism in those cities. They were issued in several languages, including Polish. Residents of Lithuania… Read more »

‘Znad Willi’ Signposts: Contemporary poetry

Vilnius holds a special place in Polish literature. Such names as Mickiewicz, Słowacki or Kraszewski are known to all Polish people. Currently, there are also authors that write and create… Read more »

Concerning the dynamics of Polish-Lithuanian relations

The publication ‘The dynamics of Polish-Lithuanian relations’ saw the light of day – the legacy of the First International Scientific Conference of the same name, which took place in Kaunas… Read more »

Walking through the streets of Vilnius: the name Sophia Gulewicz

It is one of the newest and so far the humblest streets. Located on the edge of the beautiful Cologne Vilnius (Pavilnys) and it is only a few villas. But… Read more »

Polish flags at the Independence March

Poles living in the Vilnius region has also been taking part in celebrations of the 25th anniversary of Lithuanian independence. Children from ethnic minorities (including Polish kids) in their national… Read more »

The 25th anniversary of the activity of the Home Army Veterans Club

The Home Army Veterans Club celebrates this year the 25th anniversary of its activity and the 10th anniversary of its registration by the Lithuanian authorities. On Wednesday (the 4th of… Read more »

Vilnius young people by running commemorated “Soldiers accursed”

March 1st is celebrated in Poland’s National Day of Remembrance “Soldiers accursed.” The memory of these soldiers, for whom the war is not over on 8 May 1945, also celebrated… Read more »

Vilnius Emergency Medical Services during the interwar period (2)

The Vilnius Emergency Medical Services was founded in December 1902. It was the 5th EMS in Poland – established after the ones from Kraków (1891), Lwów (1893), Warsaw (1897) and… Read more »

Žilvinas Radavičius appeals to the government to help with the restoration of the organs in the St. Bernard Church

The community activist, historian, and educationist, Žilvinas Radavičius, wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius with the request to receive state funds for the renovation of the… Read more »

Vilnius Emergency Medical Services during the interwar period (1)

A man had an epilepsy seizure, he felt on the street located by Skopiówka. There were many spectators, but someone shouted that instead of observing one should call for ambulance…. Read more »

The competition devoted to the quarter-century of the existence of KS Polonia Wilno (FK Polonija Vilnius)

In 2015, the sports club Polonia Wilno, as the beneficiary and the continuator of the activity of its predecessor – The Polish Sports Club in Lithuania “Polonia”, organizes the celebration… Read more »

Let us remember the heroes of AK (The Home Army)!

The Home Army – the strongest and the best organized underground army fighting for the sovereign Poland – marked its 73rd anniversary. Hundreds of thousands of young people stood up… Read more »

Walking the streets of Vilnius: little is left of the old Trocka street.

Today we are going back to the Vilnius Old Town. This time we will walk through Trocka (Trakų) street. It is barely 280 meters long which makes it one of… Read more »

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